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Weekly Process

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The Weekly process section contains weekly actions which should be completed with the closure of an accounting period.


The Weekly Process page features four tabs on the right side of the window - Home, Errors, Export/Import, Export/Import Error. The tabs are detailed below.


Home Tab

The default view of the Weekly Process page provides a selectable view of the an accounting period as well as a Shortcuts menu of action items.


Accounting Period Drop-Down Menu

The Accounting period drop-down menu is used to select an existing accounting period that will be worked on in the weekly process. The accounting period date signifies the final day of the noted accounting period. 


Accounting Period Summary


The Accounting Period Summary provides details specific to the accounting period.

Field Description
Accounting Period The accounting period being referenced. The date provided is the final day of the accounting period. 
Status The current status of the accounting period - open or closed.
Created By The identifier of the person that created the accounting period.
Created Date The date and time when the accounting period was created.
Total Error Count The current amount of known errors in the accounting period. Errors generate based on system conditions such as a violation of overtime regulations.
Total Approved The number of errors approved in the period. Though listed as an error, some issues may be intentional and can be approved.
DBName The name of the database where the accounting period exists.
DBServer The name of the server accessing the database where the accounting period exists. 



Errors Tab

The Errors tab displays specific errors existing in the currently selected accounting period.

Displayed error messages can be approved from this page.



Export/Import Tab

The Export/Import tab enables the transfer of information between an accounting period and an external resource. 


Visit the rapid! Paycard article for details about the Rapid! Paycard import/export process. 


Export/Import Error Tab

The Export/Import Error tab displays specific errors existing in the exports or imports.

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