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Config Option - OutlookSyncOptions

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This property sets the sync option for the Outlook Connector in Avionté. These options correspond to the three options that appear on the Sync Outlook window. The option that is set here appears as the default selection in Sync Outlook window.

OutlookSyncOptions properties

Admin Tools location: Config Option > User > User_UserSetting
Default: SyncFromAvionteToOutlook
Valid values: SyncFromAvionteToOutlook: Synchronize those changes in Avionte to your Outlook when the item exists in both.
SyncFromOutlookToAvionte: Synchronize those change in Outlook to Avionte when the item exists in both.
SyncWithBoth: Synchronizes changes in both Avionté and Outlook, merging the newest updates to the older version.
Where the setting is reflected... Sync Outlook window's Sync Options: This window is accessed by choosing the Sync Outlook option from the Avionté menu in Outlook. The window appears when their are appointments or tasks available to sync.

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