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Config Option - PromptForAddTaskInOutlookAddin

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The PromptForAddTaskInOutlookAddin property specifies whether the user is prompted to add their task in Avionté to their Outlook calendar.

PromptForAddTaskInOutlookAddin properties

Property location: Config Option > User > User_UserSetting
Default: False
Valid values: True: The user is prompted to decide whether to add their task into their Outlook calendar.
False: The user is not prompted to add the task to Outlook.
Where the setting is reflected... Avionté Calendar Tasks and Outlook application's tasks.

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    Cory Flick

    This Config Option is for the Outlook Add In, not the Outlook Connector. The Add In was deprecated in the 14.x series of Avionte and this Config Option doesn't appear in Avionte versions 15.1.8 or higher.

    Recommend this article be deprecated and eventually taken offline.

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