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Integration Web Service Setup

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For hosted customers, the web service is already set up on Avionté servers.
For self-hosted customers, the integration web service needs to be installed and configured at the customer site. The web service is required for all third party integrations (e.g. Data Frenzy). Follow these steps to install and configure the web service.
Note: This is document is only relevant for clients using Avionté version 13.2 or earlier.
 Before starting, it is necessary to request the files needed for installation of a specific integration from Avionté.
Create the Integration Application Pool
  1. Open the IIS Manager by entering inetmgr in the Windows Run prompt. The Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager window appears.

  2. Right-click the Applications Pools option in the Connections panel found on the left area of the window, then choose Add Application Pool. The Add Application Pool window appears.

  3. In the Name field, enter Integration.

  4. In the .NET Framework version, select .NET Framework

  5. Leave the remaining fields as is.
    Click OK.

  6. Now that the application pool is created, select the Integration pool you just created from the list of application pools and click Advanced Settings as shown in the Actions panel displayed in the right of the window.

  7. Verify that v4.0 is set as the .NET Framework Version.

  8. Set the Identity value to a user that will be using an integrated third-party application. Only one user needs to be entered. To do so, click the ellipses button to the right of the Identitytext field. The Application Pool Identity window appears.

  9. Click Custom account and then click the Set button. The Set Credentials window appears.

  10. Enter the domain and user name. This can be any user name that will use the integrated application. Only one user needs to be entered. Enter in the format: DOMAIN\username.

  11. Enter the user's Password, then enter again in the Confirm password field. If the user name and password are valid and entered correctly, the pool identity is set, otherwise a message will appear to indicate the credentials are not valid. Correct the user name or password as necessary.

  12. Click OK to save changes.


Create the Integration Application

  1. Locate the Integration .zip file.
    • \\avionte.local\public\FTP_Avionte_COM\Avionte_Release\13.2\
    • \\avionte.local\public\FTP_Avionte_COM\Avionte_Release\13.1\13.1

  2. Extract the integration .zip file -- [version] -- from the Avionté FTP site to the server where you want to install the web service.

  3. Copy the extracted folder to the local disk/inetup/wwwroot folder.

  4. In the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager window, the Integration folder can be found under the Default Web Site in the Connections list to the left.

  5. Right-click the Integration folder and choose Convert Application. The Add Application window appears.

  6. Set the Alias name for this service to Integration.

  7. Set the Physical path to the root folder where the Integration service is installed.

  8. Click the Test Settings button to verify the service has been set up correctly. If not, please review the steps above.

  9. Click OK to finish the setup.

  10. Select the Integration application and then click Advanced Settings.

  11. Choose the Integration application pool you have just set up.

  12. Click OK to save your changes.

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