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Avionté Web Platform Overview

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Avionté Web Platform is a browser-based, front office interface that sits on top of the existing Avionté suite. It is an alternate interface to the core application sharing the same data.


Items existing in Avionté Web Platform are reflected in the core application. For instance, Talent added in Avionté Web Platform is accessible through the core application's Employee section. 


Note: In many instances in Avionté Web Platform , an element that has been engaged is blue. An element that is available is green.


Common Layout


Though some Avionté Web Platform pages may display variations, there are common characteristics found throughout the platform. 


Element Description
Search Functionality

The field searches records related to the current page - when on the Talent page, the search field will only return Talent results. 

Visit the Avionté Web Platform Search - General article for comprehensive search information.

Menu Tabs

The Main Menu tabs of the Recruiter Module are displayed here. Users click the tabs to access the individual sections in Avionté Web Platform


Avionté Web Platform sections include:







Action Buttons

A set of buttons used to perform actions on the current page. A list of Avionté Web Platform icons is featured further down this page.

Profile Menu This drop-down menu provides an option to sign out of the Recruiter module and features a link to the main page of the Avionté Knowledge Base.
Help Button Opens a Knowledge Base article that corresponds to that specific area.
Talent QuickView

This pane displays information according to which QuickView link is currently selected. Visit the individual QuickView help articles for detailed information.

Talent QuickViews

Order QuickViews

Company QuickViews

Contact QuickViews

Talent Card

Displays individual records of Talent, Orders, etc. Visit the individual Card help articles for detailed information.

Talent Card

Order Card

Company Card

Contact Card

Search Filters

Filters narrow down search results to include only those results that meet selected criteria.

Visit the Avionté Web Platform Search - General article for comprehensive search information. 





Avionté Web Platform icons are similar in look and functionality from one page to the next, but may vary depending on the specific page behavior. For instance, the Add icon will add a contact on the Contact page, but will add an order on the Order page. They are green until they're engaged or hovered over, in which case they turn blue. 

Icon Name Description

Opens a window that enables the addition of a record (Talent, Order, etc.) to the page.

Attention A symbol used to call attention to an item such as a placed candidate. 

Enables a quick return to the previous view.


The Candidates QuickLink generates a display of Talent Cards attached to an order. 

Delete X

Unlike the Delete Trash icon, which removes substantial items, the Delete X removes a single item from an area that can feature a group of the same type of item. e.g. - removing a single competency from a list of competencies.

Delete Trash

Unlike a Delete X icon, which removes an item from a group of similar items, the Trash icon removes a more substantial item such as an address or document. 


The Details QuickLink generates a display of in-depth information about the card.

Drop-Down Menu

Drops down a list of selectable items. 


Enables the ability to edit an item.


The Email QuickLink generates an email that will be sent to the email address of that card.


Expands or collapses the view of the displayed cards.

Magnifying Glass

Located next to the search field, the magnifying glass is used to initiate a search after content has been entered into the field.

Map Location

Indicates the address is available to view in a map application such as Google Maps.

Menu - Hamburger

So called because its horizontal lines resemble a hamburger, this menu provides options that may be related to the application as a whole, not just the page on which it's displayed. 

Menu - Ellipses

The ellipses (three dots) menu provides selections specific to the area in which it is in. 

Menu Collapse

Collapses a set of expanded menu items such as search filters.

Menu Expand

Expands a set of collapsed menu items such as search filters.


If the device has the ability to place a phone call, the supported dial pad displays with the number auto-loaded for dialing.

Note: A "star" icon indicates this is the preferred contact method.


The Profile QuickLink generates a view of in-depth information about the individual including associated documents and order history.


Generates a new browser window containing the talent's original resume.

Sign Out

When accessing Avionté Web Platform in mobile device, click this icon to sign out of Avionté Web Platform.

Note: This icon is only visible in mobile view.


When accessing Avionté Web Platform from a mobile device, click this icon to filter search results.

Note: This icon is only visible in mobile view.


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