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The Home page is what displays when a user logs into the vendor portal. 


Displays information on the vendor and the logged in user including:
  • Announcements
  • Current Assignments
  • Messages
  • Notifications
  • Tasks


Displays messages relevant to this user from the core application. 

Message Options

Click on the New Message button to create a new message from the portal.


Displays the messages linked to this user or vendor in the core application. clicking on the name of the message displays the message body and other details.

Update Account

Allows a user to change basic login information for their account.

  1. User Name: The name used to log in.
  2. New Password: A new password used by this user for this portal.
  3. Confirm Password: A confirmation that the new password was entered correctly.
  4. Security Question 1: A chosen question to prevent unauthorized access to a portal.
  5. Security Question 2: A second question chosen to help prevent unauthorized access to a portal.

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