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Transaction Type Property - BillRequired

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The BillRequired property indicates whether or not a bill needs to be entered whenever a transaction is processed.


If BillRequired is set to True, then it is checked by the following Time Entry Batch DRMs:


NameSeverityDisplayed MessageDescriptionFixed from...Additional Configuration
tbv_CheckDailyPayBillUnitDifference Severe "There are Transactions whose daily pay unit is different than daily bill unit." Will trigger if the transaction daily total hours not equal to bill total hours. Assignment > Detail > Pay/Bill History PayRequired ConfigOption must also beTrue
tbv_CheckPayBillUnitDifference Warning Transaction has pay unit different than bill unit. Will trigger if the transaction has pay unit doesn't equal the bill unit. Assignment > Detail > Pay/Bill History PayRequired ConfigOption must also beTrue
tbv_TotalPayAndNoTotalBill Warning "Transaction has Total Pay but no Total Bill." Will trigger if transaction has item pay but no item bill. Assignment > Detail > Pay/Bill History None


BillRequired properties
Admin Tools location: System Category > Transaction Type > Property tab
Default: True
Valid values: True: Bill needs to be entered.
False: Bill does not need to be entered.
Where the setting is reflected... Wherever this transaction type is used

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