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Email Signature Troubleshooting

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The email signature is not appearing correctly and/or is not editable.



The issue may be caused by invalid styling which occurs when copying text from Outlook or Microsoft Word. If you're unfamiliar with HTML editing or copy/paste restrictions in programs like Outlook or Microsoft Word, style and format your signature within the Email Profile wizard in the Start Page > Actions Menu.

Note: For information regarding the set up or modification of a signature and email profile, visit the Actions Menu - Email Profile page. If you need to duplicate a signature, copy and paste from Avionté. 


Contact Avionté support to delete the invalid styling in the database. Once complete, the signature box should be available for edits and viewing. 




The logo is not appearing in the email signature. 



  1. Save the graphic or photo to an internet accessible location, that is NOT the local PC.

  2. Navigate to Start Page > Actions menu > Email Profile 

  3. Click the HTML tab at the bottom of the Email Profile wizard.

  4. Find the image on the internet (not your PCs folders).
      • The image must be publicly available on the internet.

  5. Right-click on the image.

  6. Depending on the browser, select the option that inspects the image. 
      • Chrome - select "Inspect"
      • Explorer - select "Inspect Element"
      • Firefox - select "Inspect Element"


  7. Locate the image's HTML.

  8. Copy the image's HTML.

  9. Paste the copied content to the HTML window in the Avionté Email signature section. 

  10. Select the Design tab to view the image.

  11. Click Next.

  12. Click Finish.



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