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Outlook Improvements in 14.2

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Release 14.2 brought an overhaul to Outlook functionality in Avionté. Improvements continue to be added to the system. This page will update as more improvements are made available.


14.2.7 and newer versions contain the following upgrades:


  • Documents saved from the Outlook Add-In can have a file type assigned to them during import. These document types must first be set up in Config Choice. (14.2)

  • Emails can now be attached to WC claims when they are created or saved through Outlook Add-In. (14.2)

  • Resume parsing is now available using the Outlook Connector web service. (14.2.5)

  • The Outlook connector now has improved error logging resulting in improved error message display while aiding de-bugging efforts. (14.2.6)

  • New error message added to the Outlook Connector where clicking "Save email as message" will display an error when no Config Choice is setup with isDefault = True or the list in the property SubCategory does not begin with the value "Employee". (14.2.7)
    • Displayed Error Message: There is an error in Config Choice. One Config Choice of Type=Message must have its property isDefault=True and the list in its property SubCategory must begin with the value of Employee.



Avionte Outlook Setup

Find complete requirements and setup instructions in the Outlook Connector - Setup article.



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