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Admin Tools: Counter

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Counters on the Start Page provide a quick view of the current number of emails, appointments, open orders, tasks, arrival calls, weekly calls, etc. Clicking on a counter opens a window with more details related to the counter.



Use Counters

The counters available can be configured to be displayed or hidden as needed. Counters can also be manually refreshed to show the most recent counts for each item.


Choose Counters to Display on the Start Page

To choose which counters appear in your Start Page counters list:
  1. From the Start Page Actions menu, choose View Counter List or choose the View Counter List shortcut button if set up to display. Access the Counter List by clicking the Preferences icon (red circle) in the upper-left corner of the screen, then click View and choose Counter List. The Counter List window appears.

  2. Click the checkbox for a counter to display that counter in the Start Page. Unchecking the box will remove it from being displayed on the Start Page.

  3. Click the View checkbox to select (or deselect) all counters for display.

  4. To set the sequence in which the counters are to be displayed, enter numeric values starting with 1, 2, 3, and so on (the counter set as 1 is displayed first). Then, any counters set with the number 99 will be sorted alphabetically.



Update/Refresh Counters

To display up-to-date counter information, choose Update Counters from the Action menu or the shortcut buttons (if set up) to refresh the counters.


Configure Counters

The administrator can determine the counters that are available to each user or group of users. In Admin Tools, the Counter option is used to set the access to counters, as well as add new counters and modify existing counters.
  1. In Admin Tools, select the Counter category.

  2. The Admin System Counter window appears.
Set Counter Availability
  1. Select the counter in the grid in the upper portion of the window.
    • Customized functionality will have "CUO" as a prefix in the stored procedure, so you can search for them easily in the "CountSQLFunction"

  2. Select either the User or Group option to the right, depending upon whether the availability is being set at the user or group level.

  3. In the list below, search for the user or user group to work with.

  4. Check the checkbox to the right for the user(s) or group(s) to give them access to the counter, or uncheck the box if you do not want to provide access to the counter.

    • Group settings are by default “go forward” only.  So new users assigned to the group will enjoy access, while users that exist before you make the change will not UNLESS after saving, you right click the group, and choose Enforce group setting to all users of this group.

  5. Click Save to update changes.




View CounterList

The View CounterList is an Actions menu item found in the Start Page's actions menu. It allows a user to customize which of the available counters will be displayed for them on their start page.


Visit the Admin Tools: Counter - CounterList help page to see a complete selection of counters. 



Add, Modify, and Delete Counters

Counters can be customized on a system-wide basis. Contact Avionté support for customizations.



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