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15.2 Release Notes

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Release Process


Release Versioning


Release Highlights




Product Enhancements


Additional Changes














Release Process

Avionte continuously improves its products. These improvements are installed to existing application structure; each release is a set of improvements to the previous release. The release notes are organized in a separated manner per release and are not aggregated into one page.


For example, in the event a customer's application is upgraded from v14.2.3 to v16.1, changes between those releases will be available through multiple sets of release notes (from 14.2.4 up to and including 16.1 notes.)


Navigate to Support Center > General > Release Activity to view Avionte's available release notes. 


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Release Versioning

Changes are rolled forward so the patch number will reset to zero for each subsequent release (i.e. read as major release 15.2 patch 2, read as minor release 15.2.1.). Patches will now consist of database-only changes that can be turned around quickly. Minor versions contain critical fixes and additions that go beyond a database change.


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Release Highlights

The Avionté 15.2 version introduces several new features and enhancements, including resume parser modifications, changes to Silverlight requirements, and a full list of WOTC optimizations.. The following features are highlighted in this release:


Web Login

While existing passwords are grandfathered in, newly created passwords are now uniform across Avionté web portals. Avionté Users may now update or create their web login password with an easy to reach Start Page Actions menu option.

Visit the Product Enhancements section below for details.


WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit)

Along with a variety of internal performance optimizations, the setup process for the WOTC portion of the Applicant portal has been improved through a simplified user interface.

 Visit the Product Enhancements section below for details.


Outlook Connector 

The Avionté Outlook Connector can be used with Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365. Office 365 (back end) is supported which utilizes Outlook 2010/2013/2016 (front end.)

Upgrading to 15.2 will require an upgrade of the Outlook Connector in order to maintain Outlook Connector functionality. For removal and re-installation instructions, visit the Outlook Removal and Re-Installation section of the Outlook Connector Setup article. 


Resume Processing

The Avionté Resume Processor (ARP) has been updated to a centralized, cloud-based service that provides multilingual parsing in more than 25 languages and parses from more than 50 different formats. The resume processor does not require any installation; one web service is set up in the cloud for all customers to use.


When adding a new employee from Employee > New Employee, the resume parser currently takes requests one at a time from a particular client and it can handle multiple clients at a time.  However, when attempting to add multiple employees through the Employee > New Employee wizard, the resume parser will only import one of the resumes. Any bulk processing would be done through the core application's bulk resume processor.


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Generally, deprecation refers to something that is acknowledged but discouraged. A software deprecation is the removal, or discouragement of use, of an application feature. An application feature may be deprecated because it has been replaced, doesn't work as expected, or its support requirements outweigh its benefit or use.


Avionté release notes provide a list of items scheduled for deprecation as well as a list of items recently deprecated. 



Upcoming Removals

Instant Messaging The Message Center's infrequently used Instant Messaging functionality will be removed in an upcoming release. 
EDocs Main Menu Option The inoperative "EDocs" option will be removed from the Main Menu in an upcoming release.



Removed in this Release


The Microsoft plugin that enabled some interactive user experience will no longer be required.

"Generate ACH" Button

In order to improve back office system performance the infrequently used "Generate ACH" button in Back Office > Weekly Process has been removed.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. An ACH payment is an electronic payment created when a customer transfers money from one account to another electronically; it is facilitated by the Automated Clearing House.



Recently Removed

Background Check Providers

With the introduction of the new plug-in model, as of this release, integration will no longer be available with these background check partners:

Orange Tree


Outlook Add-In

In version 14.2, the Outlook Add-In was removed in preference of a new Outlook Connector.


The upgraded Outlook method features:

  • No loss of functionality or actions.

  • Increased performance with a simplified installation and login process.

For details about the Outlook Connector, visit the following Knowledge Base articles:


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Product Enhancements

Release 15.2 includes several enhancements and additions to the core and portal products. 


Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "G" refer to items managed in the Gemini ticketing system. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system.


Ticket # Description

Web Login Changes

A new password change interface enables the creation or update of a web login password through the Start Page Actions Menu. Visit the Actions Menu - Web Login article for details.


The role WebUser now stores an access password to a user's Avionté web environments: 

    • Portals
    • Onboarding Process
    • Outlook Connector
    • Future products - e.g. Aero

Note: Existing Web Login credentials are grandfathered into the system. New passwords. When a user changes their password in 15.2 or newer, the new password will apply to all of the user's web access credentials.


Note: When creating a Time Clock user in the Admin portal, a password is auto-generated. In 15.2 and newer, the password is now "Avionte123!". In previous versions, the password is "avionte".


Web Login password requirements:

    • at least eight characters
    • one special character
    • one capital letter
    • one number
    • passwords with 16 or more characters may be any combination
    • five failed password attempts will disable entry attempts for 15 minutes


User options such as "Account Locked," "Web Role," and "Reset Password at Next Login" are still controlled through the Web Login User interface at Start Page > Actions Menu > Admin Tools > Employer Category > [select Employer] > User tab > Edit User > Web Login



Version 15.2 offers an alternative setup method for the WOTC integration. The tax application can now be configured through a new ADP option in the Core Application's Admin Tools. Instructions are available in the ADP WOTC Integration article.

Employee Details Screen - Tax Credit Status

Tax Credit Statuses displaying on the Employee Detail screen were enhanced to help describe the current state of the WOTC record.

Note: Even if an employee is tax-credit qualified, the employee must be associated with an assignment before a Tax Credit Status is displayed. 

Note: Following a qualification, the field updates to include a link to associated forms.

  • Survey not completed: The WOTC survey has not been completed.

  • No results returned: WOTC survey was completed, but no results have been returned. It may indicate a connection error with the WOTC service.

  • Not qualified: WOTC survey was completed, and the employee did not qualify for the tax credit.

  • Pre-Qualified: WOTC survey was completed, and the employee was deemed qualified. Assigning this employee will change this to Qualified and allow a user to print out the relevant forms. If the employee has been assigned to an order, but the link to the forms is missing, a 'Send Form Request' link will be displayed to request the url to print the forms.

  • Qualified: WOTC for was completed and this employee was deemed qualified for their current assignment. A link is also displayed to print any forms needed for the credit.
 Z 9410

eDocument Filtering

Column sorting has been added to the eDocument grid in the Employee document section.


Resume Parsing

The Avionté resume parser has been updated to a centralized, cloud-based service that provides multilingual parsing in more than 25 languages.


The service provides general taxonomies as well as specifically tailored organization for industries such as General Business, IT & Communications, Finance & Banking, Insurance & Legal, Oil & Gas, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical, Building & Construction, and more.  


The service can also parse resumes from over 50 different word processor formats including HTML and PDF.



Avionté employs an automated, continuously-running Microsoft Windows service called Agent. This service is used to schedule background tasks such as "CareerBuilderProcessor," which updates Career Builder job post statuses to the Avionté system once per day. 


What does this mean to end-users? The scheduled Agent tasks running behind the scenes ensure the data used and displayed in Avionté processes is current and accurate. 


What do Avionté-hosted customers need to do to enable Agent? Nothing. Avionté supports and maintains Agent for all Avionté-hosted customers.


What do self-hosted customers need to do to enable Agent? Nothing yet. As the list of automated tasks grows, self-hosted customers may need to move the Agent process to its own server. 


For more information about this background service, visit the Avionté Agent article. 


Red Dial Menu - About Option

Versions prior to the 15.2 release feature user information along the bottom panel of the core application including a support code and the environment being displayed. The Support Code and Environment indication are useful to the Avionte Support Department for troubleshooting procedures. 




While the 15.2 release still features some user information along the bottom panel including version number, user name, current date, and current time...



...a variety of application information, including the support code and environment, is now available in the new About option found in the "red dial" drop-down menu in the upper-left corner of the application. The About option also provides database and hosting information.


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Additional Changes

Release 15.2 includes numerous updates and fixes. The following table describes the most notable changes. Included with the description is the ticket number used for internal tracking of the item, and the component affected by the change.


Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "G" refer to items managed in the Gemini ticketing system. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system. 

Item # Description

Sending a text message from Quick Preview in Advance Search > Employee > Actions > Text Messaging now sends the message to the employee's cell phone instead of the employee's email address.


The Onboarding Portal now parses resumes consistently. 


Clicking "Show Directions" from Assignment > Actions menu now populates directions to the location as expected.

G268712 The "hourly" option has been removed from the Fee/Commission tab as there is no functionality for billing at an hourly rate. 
G277384 A dress code field is now available when adding or editing a customer address from the Temp Order wizard. 
  When uploading a new Dress Code value via the Post Order to Web function in DH Order > Summary, the new value now overrides the existing Dress Code value as expected. 
G285666 An employee's assignment branch now adopts an order's branch when a mass employee is assigned from the order schedule section. 
G279439 The Distance Calculator is now working in Order > Action. The Total Cost is now based on the zip code and mileage rate entered. 
Z1630 Clicking the Post Order to Web option in the Order Actions menu no longer generates an About Blank pop-up message.
Z1572 A new branch copied from an existing branch now copies the "IsWebVisible" and "IsSkillCode" values.



Users are now able to complete the signature portion when performing re-verification or rehiring in the I-9, section 3 of eDocs.


Employer Name and Job Title are now required as expected in the Past Job section of the employee portal. The required data is now able to align with required data in the core application, applicant portals, and past jobs in employee portals. 


The E-Verify hiring date is now populating as entered into the eDocument rather than the current date. 


When using the Applicant Portal, Education tab, applicants are no longer able to advance to the next page without entering education information or selecting the "No Education" check box.


Branch and Supplier fields are no longer editable in the Employer > Pay History grid. 


When performing a Post Order to Web process, the app code no longer adds FONT tags around the job description and job descriptions now display as expected. 


The check box "Send Request Immediately" now displays as expected when launching the Employee Background Check wizard from the employee's background check sub-menu.


eDocument PDFs that were previously displayed blank are now displayed as expected.


Data Frenzy resumes that failed to load due to special character use now load as expected. 


A Contact role can now be added when the grid is sorted by the "Contact Role" column.


The grand total and associated special characters now appear on the Customer > AR Section columns.
  A candidate may now be placed in an order from a shared branch even if the user does not have the Default Order Branch as the selected branch in Settings.
Z13648 An error message will now display when more than 50 characters are used  in the Certification Admin Tool's certification name field.
Z2007 Signatures defined in an email profile are now including when using Mass Mail functionality.
Z16387 When using the Schedule functionality in the Employee Portal, employees are now reliably categorized as "Available" or "Unavailable" per the setting in core app's Employee > Schedule Calendar. 
Z17502 The "Yes" and "No" options when saving a WcCode in Admin Tools > Employer now function as expected. 
Z6782 The <employee tag> name format used in time card submission emails is now "Last, First Middle" or "First Middle Last."
Z9896 The ACA Admin fee now recalculates properly during an invoice correction.


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Release Highlights

15.2.1 provides a handful of software corrections while accommodating the release of Aero to customers in Avionté's beta testing program. Contact your Avionté representative to participate in an Avionté Beta Testing program.


Additional Changes

Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "G" refer to items managed in the Gemini ticketing system. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system. "JOB" and "Changelist" are internal item numbers. 
Item # Description

Contacts are no longer seeing time clocks that shouldn't be available in the Customer > Time Entry > TimeClock Status > Assignment grid. If a contact isn't associated to any of the assignments/orders/customers the time will no longer appear to that contact in the grid. 


An Advanced Query export to Excel no longer includes more rows than those selected. A dialog option has also been added giving users the option to open the exported file. 


Following eDoc removal work performed in 15.2, the "EDoc" label has been removed from the Avionté Core Application's Main Menu. 


The core application now displays a parsing status indicator as well as a cancel option during a resume parse. Additionally, to improve bulk resume parsing performance, a parallel process now occurs in the background. 



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Release Highlights

15.2.2 provides a handful of software corrections including a resolution to the issue experienced when upgrading to 15.2. 

The 15.2.2 release also contains every provision released in 15.1.6. Visit the 15.1.6 Release Notes article for details.


Additional Changes

Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "G" refer to items managed in the Gemini ticketing system. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system. "JOB" and "Changelist" are internal item numbers. 

Item # Description

Logic for validating Minimum and Maximum salary amounts has been adjusted so that users may now create DH orders in customer portals without generating an error. 


A timeout error is no longer received when upgrading from 15.1 to 15.2.


The Onboarding Portal now functions as expected after users complete a WOTC screening.


Users are now able to log into the Onboarding Portal following a WebUser password change in the core application.


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Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "G" refer to items managed in the Gemini ticketing system. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system. "JOB" and "Changelist" are internal item numbers. 

Item # Description



Resolved an upgrade migration issue where renamed users could have the same name as users whose name was in the format "username_1."


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Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system. "JOB" and "Changelist" are internal item numbers. 

Item # Description


An Aero resume parsing issue has been corrected. Previously, a resume migrated to Aero from the core application’s Resume Generator would substitute the name of the generator user’s name in place of the resume's candidate name. Resumes will no longer automatically parse into Aero from the core application's Resume Generator. Resumes may still be parsed into Aero using the Aero resume parsing functionality.



The Canadian T4 process now supports Box44 Union Dues. These can be activated by updating the W2Box value of any Union Due transaction types to "44" in the Transaction Type section of Admin Tools.


The Accounting Period Close process has been optimized to improve performance. 


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Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system. "JOB" refers to internal item numbers. 

Item # Description


The Agent task used for AutoEncrypting passwords now removes the 'AutoEncrypt' prefix before hashing the password.


Deduction accruals that accrue on an anniversary now add the starting balance if there is a carryover limit.


The statement that determines termination dates (last Assignment's End Date if in or before the data year) now matches assignments based on the supplier FEIN instead of attempting to match the supplier of the employee's #AcaEmployeeDetail record.

Term Dates were not being set causing employees to be missed in an update that finalizes IsEmployedMonthX and EligibleForOfferMonthX values which in turn had a negative impact on 1095-C Lines 14 & 16 coding and 1094-C Full-Time/Total Employee counts.


When sending the "Approvable time sheets" system mass mail, the email is no longer sent to all contacts with roles for the order. The email is now sent to the expected individuals with a Time Approver role. Additionally, If more than one role is selected, the time sheet count is no longer multiplied by the number of roles.


The clickable area for any web portal's main menu links has been adjusted for expected usability.


Visibility to batches has been removed for users who do not have access to branches in the batch for deduction authority checks. If an Agency is shared with other branches, the checks for that agency are no longer allowed to be printed if the Agency's branch is not active for the User that is running the Deduction Agency check run.


A WOTC new-hire request is now sent earlier in the process.

When the I9 form is approved, a new hire request is sent to ADP so that the forms can be available while the employee is still in the office.


Approved or signed onboarding documents are no longer made available when a candidate's onboarding process is reinitialized.

When a resource workflow stage was reinitialized, the associated documents remained in a state that allowed them to be approved and signed again. This became an issue when the candidate went through the onboarding process again- making it difficult to determine which documents still needed a signature.


When re-initializing a resource processing workflow, the employee status is now reset to 'Online Applicant.'


An error is no longer generated when a web login is created for an existing employee and they attempt to log into the onboarding portal.


Performance enhancements have been applied to Quick Place, Avionte's simplified front office management utility. The page loads quicker and grids located in the Employees and Assignments panels now load as expected.


Users are now able to change the DH order status from "Open" to "Delete," "Close," or "Completed." 

The new config choice property AutoUpdateStatus has also been added under the category Order_DHStatus. The default value for this property is "True." Users are able to change the DH status to "Delete," "Close," or "Completed" if the new property AutoUpdateStatus under Order_DH is set to "False" in Admin tools.


An employee created in the Employee portal with a date of birth before the year 1920 is now accepted in Windows application fields. 


The Applicant Portal now imports all PeopleClues packages, not just the top package, when there are multiple assessment selected. Applicants are now able to see all selected assessments.


Users are now able to delete a contact role in the Temp Order section.


In the ADP Admin tool, introduced in 15.2, an error is no longer generated when minor field entry errors are made.

Previously, when entering a value such as a URL in the "WOTC Handshake URL" field, the value entered would be rejected if an extra space were included at the beginning or end of the URL. 

"The resource cannot be found.

Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

Please review the following URL and make sure that it is spelled correctly. Requested URL: //portals/applicant/WOTCComplete.aspx"


Hardcoding has been removed allowing the the procedure admin_CompleteAllSetup to properly process when a database contains multiple RootStaffingSupplierGUIDs.


Skills entered in the Applicant Portal with "Experience" units of or greater than 1 million are no longer returned as their exponential counterpart. For example, "1000000" no longer returns as "1E06" and "1000010" no longer returns as "1.00001e+006."


When performing an invoice correction, the 'item text' column edits are now recognized by the system and the error "no modifications were made" is no longer generated.


When a billing batch is processed, if it is attached to a PO number, the amount used for that PO is updated. If the batch is processed then discarded, the amount used is now rolled back as expected, avoiding mismatches.


The system name 'ACAAdminFee" value under the category CustomerOrderExtra has been changed to 'ACAAdminFeePercent'. The change can be seen in Admin Tools > Config Choice > Choice Property > Category CustomerOrderExtra > SystemName >ACAAdminFeePercent.


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Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "JOB" are used for internal tracking.
Item # Description

Canadian Federal withholding tax is now being assessed even when default taxes aren't created prior to running payroll.



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Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "JOB" are used for internal tracking. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system.
Item # Description

When set to "True," the AllowNullJobPositionOnWizard now allows null values for job positions on the New Temp Order wizard. 


Order > Search now displays Order cards on initial search. Additionally, if branch or status filter contains more than one order, more than just the first Order card displays in search results. 



Database procedures have been optimized to decrease the startup time of the core application.



Database procedures have been optimized to improve the generation of search results. 



In Employee > Message, mass text messages no longer save with a Message Type of Email. Additionally, an email signature is no longer included in a mass text. 



The Applicant Information: Temp experience summary in the Onboarding portal now populates the entries for temporary work history. 



Logic has been added to disable other possible places where PO Numbers can be added or edited even though the AllowEditCustomerPONumber Config Option has been set to "False."


Specifically, PO number logic has been adjusted for the Create New PO Number and UnAssociated PO Number buttons on the Customer Order Options screen and the New and Edit buttons for the PO Number drop-down menu in Temp Order Detail.



Running Call-Em-All from Advanced Search no longer times out when generating a large result set. 



When sending an email from Employee > Message > Actions > Send email, after typing in the body section of the email, the body of the message is now visible in the horizontal panel.



Job board applicants no longer receive an incorrect error message when login credentials are valid.



Onboarding Portal Fixes:

  • An error is no longer generated when an applicant does not supply a required email address.
  • Wording has been clarified on the message displayed when an applicant does not supply a required email address or Social Security Number.
  • The Language drop-down menu now functions as expected when a user isn't authenticated.
  • Email address validation now functions as expected.


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Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "JOB" are used for internal tracking.
Item # Description

The Peoplenet integration has been modified so that EmployeeID is used instead of PeoplenetEmployeeID.


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Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "JOB" are used for internal tracking. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system.
Item # Description


A confirmation request message is now offered when a user attempts to delete a calendar appointment.



A database adjustment has been made so that the "Entered By" value in Employee > User and the "Entered By" value in the employee's log are populated as expected.



When editing a Canadian Customer address, Geocodes (auto-populated according to postal code) may now be edited. 



Google Analytics is now able to generate separated data for each web portal. 



When posting a temp order to the web, the system no longer overrides the user-entered shift name with a shift name the Scheduler form.



Copy Order form formatting has been adjusted so tabs on the right-hand side are no longer cut off. 



In Employee > Past Jobs, using some types of sorts in the grid no longer cause a different record to be selected when fields in the form are updated. 



Message forms no longer show duplicate search types. 



In Order > Candidate, adding candidates to a new favorites group now generates a new group to select when selecting items to add.



Searching for employees by "Last 4 SSN" no longer times out.



Database checks have been applied to ensure duplicate taxes aren't inserted.



The 'Current Mass Mail' drop-down menu now populates with mass emails that were viewed allowing the user to switch between previously viewed emails.



A message on the Onboarding Portal's Registration screen has been edited to read "Please enter your email address and Social Security Number." when both email address and the SSN are required.


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Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "JOB" are used for internal tracking. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system.

Item # Description



Admin portal properties will now have leading and trailing spaces removed on save.





Orders using the Scheduler will no longer show duplicate rows in search results in QuickPlace or on the Job Board.





All ErrorMessage portal properties for the Applicant portal's Education page will now provide validation.


The Job Board now recognizes per branch email settings for the Email to Friends function.




Web user accounts will now be unlocked when resetting passwords.




A payroll process has been updated to avoid a check deduction issue that had been occurring during payroll batch processing. 



A check has been added to the SubAgency payee type to open in Agency view. SubAgency checks will now navigate to Agency Summary when clicking View Payee from check view.



The Import/Export parser has been updated to import blank values as "null." 



The performance of a Worker's compensation(Wc) look-up has been optimized. 



 The Applicant portal no longer allows duplicate email addresses.



Mobile Time Entry is now disabled for companies that have web_AllowEmployeeOnlineTimeEntry set to "false."



Assignments without rates will now show in search results.



Job Rates will now copy correctly when adding a Department.



The Admin Portal -> Time Clocks -> User Setup page no longer times out when setting up a large number of time clocks.



Entering a garnishment fee immediately after entering a garnishment no longer appears to change the garnishment amount. 



A list of the password requirements has been installed next to the password fields. When setting or changing a password, the password requirements are not displayed until after a bad password is entered.



The Agent CustomerProcessor job is now completing successfully.



The Copy Order form will no longer allow start dates that are after end dates.



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