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Advanced Search FAQ

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Can I use quotes when searching for text in a document?

No, quotes will not be recognized.


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What are the differences between Free Text and Contains?

Free Text will search for any of the words entered into the value field, e.g. Admin Assistant would look for either Admin, Assistant, or Admin Assistant.

Contains will look for the exact match of the value entered.


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For document key word search, is it better to use contains or text?

Depends on what you are searching for- if you are looking for any one of a list of multiple words, free text works best.  For an exact match, you will want to use contains.


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When searching a radius, which goes first - the zip code or radius value?

Zip code should be entered first then radius.


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What does <> mean?

Not equal to, in reference to a numerical value.


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What is the difference between "=" and "Like" parameters?

"=" will look for exact matches, "like" will look for items that contain the values listed. For example, if I search "First Name Like Sam", all results with Sam in the name (Samuel, Samantha, Samurai, etc.) will populate.  If I search "= Sam", that will be the only value returned.


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Can Advanced Search find null values?

No, Advanced Search cannot find blank or NULL values.


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Where does Document Text look for information?  Does it look in the uploaded document or just what is typed in the notes field?

It searches the document itself.


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Does the document search function work with .pdf files?

Yes, as long as it is a text based pdf.


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Can you provide a scenario where the date field would use "# of days since"?

This functionality is used similar to date ranges, only it assumes that it is looking from today, i.e. "# of days since = 30" (you would be searching in the last 30 days).


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Can you provide a scenario where the date field would use "# of days after"? 

This functionality is similar to date ranges, but returns search results based on a set number of days after today's date. Results include records prior to today's date. 


For example, if today's date is July 1st, when executing the search Employee > Date > Date > # of Days After, where the "Enter Value" is set to 30 days, the system will take today's date, add 30 days and return all recorded dates equal to or prior to July 31st.


This functionality can be useful under the Dates category where search results can be set to include all important dates that have passed and are upcoming within a certain time frame (i.e. Employee Availability, Customer Start Dates, etc.)


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Can I print a list of "screened for" employees?

Yes. You can export and print the search results from the results window.


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Once you have your results, is there a way to print only your match returns for specific groups?  

You would need to rerun the search for just the parameters in each group. You can filter the results on any of the fields included.


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When selecting a result in Advanced Search, the Summary page is loaded. Do I have to return to the search to view the next result?

No. From the Summary page you can use Ctrl > Page Down key on your keyboard to load the next search result without returning to your search screen. Likewise, the Ctrl > Page Up key will load the previous result.


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