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Greenshades Guide - Quarter End

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Table of Contents

Quarterly Tax Filing Training Course

Generate the Greenshades Feed and XML

Error Generating Feed

Printing In-House

E-File with Greenshades

E-File 1099 Forms

Building the 941 Return

The 941 Editor

Form 941 Schedule B

Finalized Form 941

Filing the 941

State SUI Return

Greenshades SUI Reports and Saving the E-File

State SUI Filing Instructions




Quarterly Tax Filing 

Click the image to access an interactive tax filing walkthrough featuring everything from setup and configuration to the creation and printing of year-end forms.






Generate the Greenshades Feed and XML

Access Greenshades through the normal Avionté core application login.

  1. From the Main tree, select Weekly Process.

    Note: If a Generate Green Shades shortcut button is not displayed, the option can also be selected from the Weekly Process Actions menu

  2. Click the Generate Green Shade shortcut button. The Green Shades window will load. The Green Shades window includes four sections.

  3. Choose the applicable company and date information: 

    Property Definition
    Staffing Supplier Company name by Federal ID.
    Year ID Select the current year. Historically, you will have as many years as you have with Avionté.
    Quarter Select the quarter for which the XML should be created. Historically, the four most recent quarters will be listed. However, if this is your first year with Avionté, you will see only the quarters which occurred within this calendar year.

  4. In the File Type section, the information is for reference only. It is not interactive, as it is automatically pulled from the application. 

  5. In the File Info section, designate a location that will house the XML about to be generated. 

  6. In the File Action section, select the Generate Feed & XML button. The feed process and error checking begin. 

    Note: The File Generated message will load once the feed and XML has been generated successfully and is available in the designated folder. This file is now ready to send to Greenshades to build the year-end returns.

  7. Click OK. This will launch Greenshades from the Green Shades window.

    Note: The XML houses all of the raw data to build returns. This is not a formatted view and may be difficult to review. The file is very large and will take time to open.

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Error Generating Feed

If you receive a message stating that errors occurred, refer to Greenshades Guide - Troubleshooting. 

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Printing In-House

At this point, data has been generated and is ready for use. If you plan to print reports yourself (rather than having Greenshades do it), navigate to Reports on the Avionté Main menu. Reports such as the 1099 Report Template are available. 


If Greenshades will be printing the forms, continue on to the E-File with Greenshades section. Specific form processes are included after the E-File with Greenshades section. 

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E-File with Greenshades

When you select Launch Green Shades, you will leave the Avionté application. Greenshades opens in a separate window within Avionté. The data will transfer when Greenshades launches.

  1. From the Green Shades window, select the Launch Green Shades button. The Greenshades Tax Filing Center window will load.

  2. You may be asked for your Registration Key before entering Greenshades.

    Note: If you do business in a state that is not listed, there may be an issue with your registration key or you have not added this state to your list. If you need to add a state, contact the Avionté Assisted Payroll Services team. 
  3. If you have not been asked for your Registration Key, click Settings in the Greenshades window.

  4. In the pop-up window, enter your registration key. Your registration key identifies your company as a client of Avionté and displays which state returns you have registered.

  5. Select Validate and verify your company. If the information is incorrect, call Avionté support for assistance.

  6. Once you have validated the Registration Key, click OK. The Data Persistence Error message will appear, click OK. This message is normal and states that you will need to re-enter your registration key each log in. 

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E-File 1099 Forms

  1. From the Greenshades Home screen, click Create Year-End Forms.

  2. Select 1099 MISC.

  3. Proceed through the wizard. 

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Building the 941 Return

Form 941


  1. In the Greenshades Tax Filing Center window, select Create E-file Returns from the menu. The Greenshades Filing and Payment Center window will load.

  2. The "Select Files to Build" window displays the available forms. Locate the 941 and select the Build check box.

  3. Select the check box below the table. This gives you the ability to edit the information.

  4. Select Next. This will bring up the 941 form pre-populated with your data. You will be able to edit the information and add your deposits for the quarter.

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The 941 Editor

The 941 loads in a full screen window. A pop-up window that states "You have one or more errors...." will appear. This message appears due to calculation rounding on the front page of the form. The amount does not match the liability from Schedule B.

  1. Select OK on the pop-up message.

  2. At the bottom of the form, click the Next Page button to move ahead.

  3. Schedule B can also be reached by clicking Form 941 at the top of the page.

  4. Select Schedule B from the drop down.

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Form 941 Schedule B

The liability from the check dates in Avionté are shown on Schedule B.


  1. Edit the numbers as needed to match line 10 on the front page. Any differences due to the cent fraction rounding will be shown on line 7 of the first page.
    PLEASE NOTE: If entering a negative number on Line 7, enter the number first, then the "-" symbol. 
  2. Combine or change these numbers as needed to make sure the correct figures are entered.

  3. When you are finished making any needed corrections, return to Form 941 using the drop down at the top of the page. Your changes will be reflected on Form 941.

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Finalized Form 941

The updates have been included in Form 941.

  1. Account for the rounded amounts on line 7 of the form. This allows you to complete line 10 with the total on Schedule B.

  2. Ensure you have entered the deposits for the quarter in line 11. If you have over or under-deposited, then lines 14 and/or 15 will automatically update.

  3. Click Save as PDF. This saves the form as a PDF to your local computer.

  4. After saving the PDF, select Save and Close and this will save the information with Greenshades and complete the filing process. The editor will close.

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Filing the 941

If you have completed the building process, then you can file Form 941.

  1. Click the Click to Begin Filing link. This will bring you to the totals page.

  2. From the totals window, you can Print Totals or Save Totals.

  3. Click Next to continue with the filing process. The Contact Information screen will load.

  4. Enter the Business Name Control (BNC) in all capital letters. The IRS recognizes your company by both the FEIN and the BNC. The BNC is the first four letters of your company name as listed with the IRS.

  5. Click the Next button to load the Contact Information screen.

  6. Review the contact information. The contact information fields changed in this screen will only be changed for the session. To make permanent changes, update Greenshades Properties within Avionté. This information will be sent to Greenshades.

  7. Click the Next button to file your return via Greenshades. This screen will close, however you are still in Greenshades and should continue with the State SUI filing.

    NoteWhen Greenshades receives confirmation that your return has been filed, they will send a notification to the email address provided.

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State SUI Return

The SUI return is an internet file and is approved by all fifty states according to their specifications.

  1. Return to the Create E-Files Returns screen.

  2. The "Select Files to Build" table displays the available forms to choose from. Locate the Suta and select the Build check box. You will not need to use the editor.

  3. Select the Next button to build the SUI return. After building the file, you are able to review the totals and determine if there are differences.

  4. Select the Click to Begin Filing link.

  5. Review the data. If the data differs, you will need to locate the data in Avionté, find those differences and correct them.

    NoteAfter any corrections are made, generate the feed again and pass it back to Greenshades to build the files.

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Greenshades SUI Reports and Saving the E-File

Once corrections have been made in Avionté and the file has been regenerated, you may save or print the Greenshades reports for reference.

  1. Select the View Details link and the report will load in Excel. This spreadsheet will list all of your employees and wages. 

  2. The totals on this page can be printed or saved using the two available links.

  3. Select the Save E-File link. You must save the file to your local computer with the exact same name and file extension. This saves the uploaded file for this particular SUI state.

    Note: Greenshades has given these files a specific name that can NOT be changed prior to uploading it to the state website. If the file extension is renamed, or  changed, an error will occur during the transfer.

  4. Select the Next button. The Filing Instructions screen will load.




State SUI Filing Instructions

The instructions screen usually includes a link to the appropriate state website. The E-File that was saved in step 3 of the "Greenshades SUI Reports and Saving the E-File" should be uploaded to the state website.

Note: The filing instructions may have changed from past years. Please read the instructions carefully.

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