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Avionté ACA - Best Practices

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General Best Practices

  • Electronic Disclosures/Agreements may be the most efficient way to distribute and manage documents.

  • Accuracy in setting the ACA status during onboarding, full-time vs variable hour.

  • Use transaction types correctly to properly appropriate hours, specifically the property for IncludeinACAHours and UnitToHoursMultiplier.

  • Timely end of assignments. Create a process to properly end assignments on a weekly basis if not all the time.

  • The best practice to follow for retro pay is appropriating hours to the right week worked. Make sure that report logic is pulling in all pay codes.

  • Be certain to separate hours into different transaction types for hours of service and hours worked; i.e. separate entry for Vacation from Jury Duty.

  • Audit your process: Make sure to review the ACA Companion Census AQ on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to ensure that new employees are being determined properly by comparing ACA eligibility status to hours and start dates.


Communicating your Healthcare Offering

  • For ease in completing enrollment paperwork, include an eDocument or a link from the Avionté portal to your Insurance broker or carrier site.

  • Export an eligible employee list and provide it to your insurance broker or carrier. The broker contacts them for enrollment. Import the list back into Avionté to create enrollments/declinations in the ACA Companion.


Invoice Options to Consider

  • Mark-up
  • Bill only transaction
  • Straight percent charge on total bill as separate line item
    • How should it be reflected in AR?
    • How should it show up in your GL feed?
    • Will require invoice modification if not handling via mark-up
    • Any defined percentages will be included when calculating finance charges.
    • Consider what logic you’d like to apply:

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