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Greenshades Guide - General Information

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This article serves as a summary explanation how the Greenshades integration works from the Avionté perspective. For details specific to the Greenshades application, visit their online documentation at 


The 2017 Greenshades Year-End Guide is available as a PDF download. Scroll to the link in the lower-left of this article.



Click the links below to jump to a specific section: 

Greenshades and Avionté

Supported Forms

Self-Hosted Clients

Greenshades in Avionté

Checklist for Quarter/Year End Preparations


Greenshades Help Documentation




Greenshades and Avionté

Avionté partner Greenshades handles the Quarter End and Year End formatting of the files needed to upload to the Federal and State websites on a quarterly basis. Greenshades uses a third party to maintain the specifications from the agencies.


What exactly are a feed and an XML file? In this case, a feed pulls data from Avionté into your database. The XML file is a specifically formatted file that contains your data and is eventually passed on to Greenshades.


With the feed in Avionté, you will create an XML file which passes the raw data to Greenshades so that they can create your returns. Greenshades has a limited power of attorney, allowing them to file the 941, 940, and Federal W2 for your convenience.




Enable Greenshades XML Feed

This video, and the instructions below it, demonstrate how to enable a Greenshades XML feed.



  1. Navigate to Start Page > Actions Menu > Admin Tools > Category = Employer > Company > Detail tab. The Supplier Administration Detail tab displays by default.

  2. In the Supplier Properties area, insert values for the following properties:

    Supplier Property Description
    GS_Company_CompanyID This property houses the Greenshades Registration Key. When Greenshades is launched, a user may be prompted to enter a registration key. This property supplies that key. 
    GS_CompanyRegistrationInfo This property refers to the Company associated with the return forms/files. 
    GSXMLFeed_Contact_ContactName These properties pull into the Verify Contact Info window in Greenshades. The info window appears as the final screen when the user submits a return. The window also displays after a user has been prompted to enter their BNC. 


  3. Click Save.



Be prepared to complete your Form 941, Schedule B and State SUI during one Greenshades session.




Supported Forms

Greenshades supports the following forms:

  • 940/941 

  • Federal W2 State 

  • SUTA Returns

  • State W2 

  • Local W2


An additional fee is incurred for the following: 

  • State New Hire

  • Employee Verification 

  • Employee W2s 





Self-Hosted Clients

If Avionté hosts your database, you can skip the following steps and jump to Greenshades Properties.

Greenshades offers a download for self-hosted Avionté clients. This will be your gateway to file through Greenshades.


Download Greenshades Center

  1. Open the URL in your web browser by clicking on the link:

  2. From the Greenshades page, click the Downloads option.

  3. Select Tax Filing Center from the drop-down menu.

  4. From the download screen, select Avionté to automatically start the download.

  5. A Security Warning pop up will load. To begin the install, click Run.

  6. In the following screen, select Next.

  7. Allow the software to install in the default folder. We do not recommend changing the file location. Click Next to continue.

  8. Select Next.

  9. When the installation is complete, you can finish by clicking Close.

A folder titled "Greenshades Center" will be created in your shared location,. If a user is accessing it remotely, the folder will be created on the local computer. Please make sure that the folder has the proper permissions for all users, including full read and write capabilities.

If you have installed Greenshades and have problems, we recommend that you go to to update your information by installing the updater patch, or the .NET Framework. Greenshades updates their files regularly in addition to each quarter end, so you will see updates when launching Greenshades. Always allow the updates to run so that you have the most current version.

Note: If there are updates to Greenshades, you should always select Update Now when prompted.




Greenshades in Avionté

Both hosted and self-hosted users should always allow Greenshades to run updates if asked.

If this is your first time using Greenshades, we will happily walk you through the process and answer all of your questions. Contact the Avionté support team to set up an appointment.

Greenshades properties are housed in AdminTools of the Avionté core application.

There are a few properties that require special formatting:




Greenshades Properties

  1. From the Start Page, select the AdminTools shortcut.

  2. In the AdminTools window, click Employer in the left panel.

  3. Double-click your company name in the right panel.

  4. Select the Detail tab.

  5. In the List of Property, select the Starts With filter option.

  6. Type GS in the text field. The listed properties tell Greenshades that you are an Avionté customer and provide the data needed to populate the static information on your tax returns. You may make any corrections to the data listed here.

You may notice that many values are intentionally left blank. Some of these are properties that you may not use, while others are intended for future use.

If you are populating the 940 for the first time, the below properties will need to be filled out with the appropriate values to avoid errors. 

Common Error Resolutions


Error  Description Resolution
State W2/SUTA ID info Missing Your company's Employer Identification Number needed to process the W2/SUTA information is missing.
  1. Navigate to Start Page > Actions Menu > Admin Tools > Category = Company > Employer > Tax Tab > Tax EIN tab

  2. In the Tax EIN grid, click on the row for each tax plan with which your company does business.

  3. When a row is selected, the respective Tax Name is available for adjustment in the Tax EIN Details area. Enter your company's EIN in the EIN field. 
    1. Enter a "0" for those states in which your company does not do business.

  4. Click Save after each entry.

  5. Regenerate the Greenshades feed & XML.
Employee has more than one address marked 'IsResidentAddress'    
Employee missing SUI wages    
Negative SUI Wages for employee    




Checklist for Quarter/Year End Preparation

Following is a list of Avionté Standard quarter end and year end reports. These reports will assist you in balancing the figures in Greenshades reports.

  • Taxes Summary: A summary of all the EE/ER taxes. This is the most important report to run at quarter end and year end. Several parameters are variable, allowing you to customize the report output. 

  • Taxes Summary Lite: This is the same as above, but with standard non-variable parameters, allowing the report to generate faster.

  • State Tax WH: This report will assist you in filing your state withholding return. This is something that Greenshades does not provide, therefore Avionté has made this AQ available. 

  • Avionté Cash Requirement: This report displays the liability for the time frame supplied and is typically used for your weekly deposits as well as a monthly summary of payroll costs. It allows you to track the payroll cost and the amount needed to cover the payroll taxes. 

  • Get PA EIT Details: This report was designed for our PA clients. The report may be exported to Excel and uploaded directly to the state of PA website. 

The following reports are driven from the Greenshades tables that are created after you generate the Feed and XML. 

  • Get Employee SUI Wage Detail: This supplemental report displays SUI wages and tax amount by employee on a quarterly basis. You will need to enter the date range and the appropriate state. 

  • Get W2 Details: This report displays all of the W2s that you have created for a given year. This can also provide a summary of all W2s (in other words a W3). This report also provides a total employee count, which is useful when ordering your W2 forms. 

  • Employee W2 Report: Depending on your version, your Employee W2 report may be either a W2 Report 4 up blank or W2Report_4up_NotPreprintedEdit:. We recommend that you run a test copy for alignment as well as check for missing information.

  • Get employee Fed W2: Federal W2 information is displayed once you run the Greenshades Feed for the 4th quarter. This will have Federal, FICA, and Medicare taxable wages and tax amounts.

  • Get Employee State W2: State W2 information is displayed once you run the Greenshades Feed for the 4th quarter. This will display the state gross and taxable wages by employee and state. 

  • Get Employee Local W2: Local W2 information is displayed once you run the Greenshades Feed for the 4th quarter. This will display the local gross and taxable wages by employee, state and locality.

NoteIf you need a report in addition to the list of reports, we can customize one to your exact specifications. This is a onetime billable item, however you will then have the report available at any time. Please ask your Client Manager for details.



Greenshades Help Documentation

Help content for the Greenshades application is available at:


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