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Mapping Reports and Advanced Queries

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Before submission to a system, some reports and advanced queries require mapping to coordinate Avionté report values with the new system's values. 


For instance, the Federal EEO Reporting AQ is submitted to a federal agency that requires that AQ values match the agencies parameters.


  1. Run the Advanced Query once to populate your config choice codes in the Admin Tools section.

  2. On the Start Page of the Avionté Core Application, select Admin Tools from the Actions menu. The Admin Tools main window opens.

  3. Double-click Import Export Mapping on the Admin Tool Main window. The System | Import Expert Mapping Type window displays a list of reports.

  4. Click the Mapping Type Data tab on the upper-right.

  5. Enter the title of the report or advanced query in the cell below "Group Description" to filter results.

  6. Single-click the report or AQ to be mapped. Source System Value column displays.

  7. Mouse-over a row in the Mapped Value column then click the drop-down menu icon to reveal a list of categories required by the report for data mapping.

  8. Select the category to which the item in the Source System Value column will be assigned.

  9. Click Save after mapping all items. 

    1. Click Export To Excel to format the mapped items into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that can be saved as a record.



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    Shane Blegen

    The design of the Mapping Type Data section has changed since this article was published.
    The columns described as MapFromID and MapToID are no longer labeled as such. These are now titled Source System Value and Mapped Value, respectively.

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