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The Looking Glass

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Published: May 29, 2019


The Past, Present and Future of Development


Avionté’s 2019 roadmap is full of excitement and some very important timelinesThe below will detail the next major release date that will be important to understanding the availability of the new Avionté end-to-end solution. In addition to the specific work on delivering you all the new Avionté end-to-end solution, we will continue with our traditional monthly release schedule. We are excited to communicate this information to you in detail and keep you fully informed of how we are tracking against our roadmap timelines. Keep reading for more information!


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Roadmap Update

Q2 - Phase 2: Existing Client Transitions (continued...)

The next major release date is July 11th, which is focused on enabling existing Avionté customers to transition to the new Avionté end-to-end solution incorporating the new web-based front office application. This includes the transition needed for existing customers to ensure a smooth process to begin utilizing the combined solution as well as some C/LI specific functionality within the front office Connect Module. Additional features at this time will include:


Integrated Solution

  • Paperless Mobile Onboarding:
    • Adobe Sign
    • Essential Staff Care
    • Assessments
    • E-Verify
    • Onboarding Tasks
  • Talent Management Enhancements:
    • Additional search tools for finding a specific Talent
    • Tools to improve Talent specific workflows
  • Job and Placement Management Enhancements:
    • Enable personalization in workflows and advance the management of volume Jobs
  • Talent Experience to include both Spanish and French
  • Dashboards and rules to enable strong processes
  • Tools to better manage workers compensation codes required on Jobs
  • Organization setup to include the support of multiple FEIN’s


Core Application

  • Billing for Background Check partners
  • Background check plug in package requirement verification



Following the release of Phase 2 on July 11th, we will continue to iterate on our users experiences in both the new Integrated Solution as well as the Core Application. The following areas will be a part of each release throughout Q3 in addition to the monthly release features listed below:


Integrated Solution

  • Business Intelligence Reports including: Front Office, Back Office, and Partner Data
  • Additional Dashboard widgets and rules
  • Talent Experience Access
    • Visibility of Paystubs
    • Visibility of W2’s
  • Company Experience Access
    • Visibility of Invoices
  •  Partnerships:
    • Green Dot: Simply Paid
    • Rapid Pay Card
    • Adobe Sign for Contracts
    • Background Check Partners
    • Equifax WOTC
    • QuickBooks for Front Office only clients
  • Additional tools to further the management of volume jobs and placements


Core Application

  • Non-resident alien tax support
  • Paid family medical leave program support (Washington State & Washington DC)
  • San Antonio, TX sick leave
  • Support of country level workers compensation codes
  • Paid family medical leave program support (Massachusetts)
  • ACA enhancements



  • rapid! Disbursements (Pay)
  • rapid! Paycard registration (Connect)
  • Adobe Sign for Contracts (Connect | Attract)
  • Background Check Partners (Connect)
  • Equifax WOTC (Connect)
  • QuickBooks for Front Office only clients (Connect Middle Office)



Integrated Solution

  • Business Intelligence Reports
  • Dashboard Widgets and Rules
  • Artificial Intelligence focused on Sourcing Talent:
    • Taking traditional Resume Matching to the next level utilizing artificial intelligence
  • Automation of Workflows:
    • Ensuring the continued delivery of the most efficient workflows throughout the platform
    • Launch of Web-Based Back Office
  • Partnerships:
    • Maximus
    • Employstream
  • VMS Tools Integration:
    • To support submitting Talent and status updates


Core Application

  • ACA & year-end enhancements
  • Greenshades integration updates
  • Duluth, MN sick leave
  • Weighted overtime updates
  • Enhancements for the 2020 W4



If you have any questions at all about the 2019 Avionté roadmap please make certain to contact your Strategic Account Executive or reach out to the Product Team at 


As a part of these major releases we will also be conducting beta efforts to gain important feedback on both product and process.   


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As we continue to update you on our latest product enhancements, features and releases, we ask that you continue to provide your ideas and feedback in the Ideas Product Enhancement Portal.  


If you need anything, please don't hesitate to contact the product team by emailing us at We can't wait to continue to improve your experience in 2019! 



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