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The Looking Glass

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Welcome to The Looking Glass! To see past editions, simply click on the PDF attachments below. This month's Looking Glass is also available as a PDF.


Updated: January 31, 2020


The Past, Present, and Future of Development


As we begin a new year, we are excited to share some of the items we have planned to deliver on in our 2020 Roadmap. This issue of the Looking Glass covers the most recent release and what’s on the horizon for the upcoming year.



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Roadmap Update

Recently Released - January's Release (January 9, 2020)





[NEW] Background Check Dashboard Widget

  • This widget provides valuable insight into our background checks providing information such as the status and number of the background checks that were ordered, need review or completed. This dashboard widget can also filter results by branches, users and date range. At this time this widget will function for Asurint and Choice, our currently available background check partners but will be able to be utilized for any future background check integrations as well.


[NEW] Background Check Dashboard Widget Complete Aside

  • The completed background check aside accessible via the background check dashboard widget is complete and will now support allowing a user to mark a background check as incomplete/complete (i.e. failed/passed).


[UPDATE] Background Check Screening Tab

  • Users now have the ability to mark a background check as pass/fail on the Screening tab of the Talent Profile.





[UPDATE] 2020 Federal W4


  • The new standard Adobe electronic signature document for the 2020 Federal W4 has been released. This includes the mappings that allow the data to flow back into the Employee Tax set up area for payroll. 


  • To start using the new 2020 Federal W4, it will need to be configured.


  • The form will have to be turned on by a permissioned user to begin using as a part of onboarding. To do this, go to Admin > Talent Module Settings > Onboarding and select either 'Federal W4 (2020)' or 'Federal W4-SP (2020)' [Spanish] to complete the configuration and turn on the template. Please remember to add this to any packets as well.


  • If the preference is to have the employer information section of the W4 form to be complete/editable, two signatures will need to be selected vs. one. If only one signature is selected, only the employee will be touching the form.


  • NOTE: Pre-population of the section 1 Employee data is not yet active and will be updated in the coming weeks. During this time, the talent/employee will need to complete the full form.





[UPDATE] EEO Question Configuration

  • This feature allows for configuration of what questions display for both the Talent and the Recruiter in the EEO areas. The configuration includes the ability to configure on/off each EEO, Disability, Veteran Status, and Date of Birth questions accessible via the EEO area on the Applicant Portal as well as within Front Office.


[UPDATE] Maximus Integration: I-9 Certification Enhancement

  • When the I-9 certification is added via the Maximus integration the user will now be the avionte.jobuser from the MasterUser table.


[UPDATE] GL Performance Optimizations

  1. Removed mapping for items that do not exist in the db instead of all possible combinations
  2. Removed Split2 from a cross join to improve performance for the mapping creation
  3. Added a visible bar for the generation to inform users of progress


[UPDATE] Update T4 and T4A XML

  • Addition of a new tag need on the T4 for supplementary (top-up) amount while on leave. Historic, other information codes are being removed from the T4. These include: 70 (municipal officer's expense allowance) and 68Indian (exempt income) - eligible retiring allowance. An update on the T4A includes the name change other information code - 136.




Q1'2020 and Beyond


Avionté has a lot of exciting plans underway for 2020. Our product development themes for the year are experience, performance and expanded choice. Some of our overall themes being research for consideration for our roadmap within our different product lines include:



AviontéBOLD Front Office: Focusing on our Recruiter, Sales, Talent, and Contact Users


  • Automation: Focused in on our front office users' experience we are working to provide automation within key workflows. The goal of this effort is not only efficiency but also to provide a strong experience for our users.


  • Talent Experience: With a dedicated development team focused on our talent and contact users we are looking to further enhance the talent's experience with your organization with the goal of making the areas of our product your talent accesses not only easy to use, but generates a sticky experience that talent chose to come back for.


  • Client Experience: Similar to the talent experience we are focusing in on how your clients access the Avionté product and the experience they are seeking with the goal of improving their overall experience with your organization making you the desired staffing and recruiting provider. 


  • Reporting & Analytics: Additional standard reports will be added throughout 2020 based on compliance reporting needs, customer feedback, and industry trends. In addition, BI users will also see enhancements throughout the year. We will also add features such as Self Serve BI for users that want a deeper analytics experience.



AviontéBOLD Back office: Focusing on our Payroll and Billing Users


  • Web-Based Back Office: This effort is focused on providing our Back Office users a web-based experience all accessible from one location on the AviontéBOLD product.  We will begin our focus on Time Entry.


  • Compliance: Continued focus will be placed on compliance to ensure the application is compliant with state and federal changes that occur throughout 2020.



Expanded Partner Network


  • Mobile Workforce Management: Facing the challenge of scheduling employees for positions based on their availability as well as the available days/shifts, Avionté is expanding its partner network to include options that focus on providing us an on-demand staffing solution with a strong mobile-first presence.


  • Talent Engagement: As a staffing and recruiting firm one of the most common things heard from talent is that they do not hear from you enough. Partnering with solutions that focus on talent engagement will allow some of that burden to be removed by providing more automated, personalized communication with talent based on where they are in your pipeline.





If you have any questions at all about the Avionté roadmap please make certain to contact your Client Manager or reach out to the Product Team at


As a part of these major releases, we will also be conducting beta efforts to gain important feedback on both product and process.   


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As we continue to update you on our latest product enhancements, features and releases, we ask that you continue to provide your ideas and feedback in the Ideas Product Enhancement Portal.  


If you need anything, please don't hesitate to contact the product team by emailing us at We can't wait to continue to improve your experience in 2019! 



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