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Greenshades Guide - Year-End: 1095-C & 1094-C - E-File

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This article provides details on how to electronically file the 1095-C and 1094-C with the IRS through the Greenshades integration. This process differs from printing and mailing forms with Greenshades. Visit the Greenshades 1095-C & 1094-C - Print & Mail article for instructions. 

When the 1095-C and 1094-C documents have been filed through Greenshades, a summary and status of the filings is available when logging into or with your login credentials. Greenshades processes the 1095-C and 1094-C. The 1095-B should come from the insurance provider or certain self-insured employers. For more information on submission status, see the Greenshades ACA E-Filing Submissions - Submission Statuses article.


  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Back Office > Weekly Process.

  2. Click Actions > Generate Greenshades or select Generate Greenshades from your shortcut buttons.

  3. In the Greenshades window, select a Supplier in the Staffing Supplier drop-down. You may only file for one supplier at a time.

  4. Select the filing year in the Year ID drop-down.

  5. Select Q4 ACA from the Quarter drop-down.

  6. Click Generate XML. This will create an XML file of the 1095-C and 1094-C information from the ACA Companion Application.


  7. Launch Greenshades to launch the Greenshades tax application. The "Select Returns to File" window displays. Again, select Q4 ACA from the "Quarter" drop-down menu. 


    Note: Greenshades will open in a new window outside of the Avionté core application. 

  8. Click Create E-File returns. The 1095-C should be the only form available to build. 

  9. Check the box under "Build?" to build the 1095-C form and click Next.

  10. Check to see if the file was built successfully. If the file was built successfully, it will appear in the "Status" column with a green checkmark. If the file was built successfully move to Step 13. If there were errors, it will have a red X.

  11. If there were errors, click Click to View Errors. A list of error messages will appear.

  12. Review the error messages by scrolling to the bottom of the list. When the errors have been reviewed, close the window.

  13. Click Back.

  14. Place a checkmark in the box next to "Check here if you would like the ability to edit your data prior to creating your electronic file (Advanced)." Click Next. The "Edit your US - 1095-C information" window will display. 

  15. Update the information to fix the errors. When the information has been updated with the correct information, click Save and Close. Please note: This does NOT change any data within Avionté.

  16.  Go back to Step 8 to re-build the file.

  17. Click the link Click to Begin Filing. A "View Totals" window will appear listing the 1095-C totals generated from the XML feed.

  18. Click Print Totals to print a physical copy of the totals, Save Total or Save E-File to save the information on your computer for your records. 

  19. Once the records have been saved, click Next to continue.

  20. A "Provide Business Name Control" window displays. This information does not need to be included. Click Next to continue.

  21. The "Verify Contact Information" window displays. Enter the contact information for the person at your company who should be notified once the 1095-C has been filed. Click Next. An "E-Filing your Information" window will display.

  22. Click Finish to file the 1095-C/1094-C. 

  23. A message window that says "Continue with Late Filing?" may appear. If this message does appear, click Yes to continue filing.

  24. A screen displays indicating that you have successfully filed with the IRS. You will receive a confirmation e-mail in a few days.



Greenshades Year-End Video Help

Greenshades online documentation includes video tutorials at

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