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1094-C - General Information

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The 1094-C is the transmittal to the IRS for 1095-C forms and summarizes the 1095-C information for the reporting year. 

The data on the 1094-C is based on the production of 1095-Cs in the system. Therefore, it is recommended that you make all necessary changes to the 1095-C before attempting to run or make changes to the 1094-C. 

Note: If you have less than 250 full-time employees for the reporting year, you may mail or E-File the 1095-Cs and 1094-C. If you have more than 250 full-time employees, you MUST file electronically.



1094-C Part I

Part I of the 1094-C displays Applicable Large Employer (ALE) information which pulls from the Admin Tools > Employer > Detail tab. 

Field Lines Information Sources From
Name 1-6

Admin Tools > Employer > Detail Tab

Contact Name 15 Pulls from the value in the Supplier property (Admin Tools > Employer > Detail > List of Property) GSXMLFEED_Contact_ContactName
Contact Telephone Number 16 Pulls from the Supplier property GSXMLFEED_Contact_ContactPhone




1094-C Part II

Part II of the 1094-C shows a snapshot of the information regarding the ALE's situation within the reporting year. 

Line Information Sourced
20 Auto-populates based on the number of 1095-C forms that are related to the main Supplier (FEIN).
21 Will check "Yes" if multiple FEINs are identified in the control group. This is controlled by the property "ACA_SupplierGroupingNumber."
22 Will check off the options listed in the value of the Supplier property "GSACA_1094cLine22Options."


1094-C Part III

Part II displays a month-by-month outline of the ALE's count of employees who fall under specific criteria. 


Section (a): Minimum Essential Coverage Offer Indicator

This is controlled by Supplier properties "ACA_EEN_MEC" and "ACA_EEN_MEC_Date" to indicate if Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) was offered and for what months of the reporting year. 


Section (b): Full-Time Employee Count for ALE Member

Controlled by the count of employees who are considered eligible for insurance as of the 1st of the month. This column looks at the Effective Insurance Dates (EID) to determine full-time status as well as if the employee's ACA Eligibility is set to "Yes."


Section (c): Total Employee Count for ALE Member

Based on the number of employees who have an active assignment and who are not terminated as of the first day of the first payroll week of the month. Any employee who was considered full time during the month whether or not they had an assignment during the aforementioned period.



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