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Job Board - Job Board Search

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This page details search functionality in the Job Board. The Job Board features search functionality common to the Avionté Web Platform. Visit the Avionté Web Platform Search - General help page for more information about the search field, its filters, and other search functionality.  


Note: Existing job board content in the Avionté portals will eventually be migrated to the Avionté Web Platform's job board. 





Filters narrow down search results to include only those results that meet selected criteria. The search function in the Job Board features its own filters designed specifically for characteristics of that area. 


Job Categories

Filters search results to display jobs that coordinate with a selected field and skill area that the job seeker may be interested in.

Job Type

Filters the search results to display jobs that coordinate with a desired duration of the position. 


Job Categories
Note: Job categories are selected by the recruiters. Not all options may be available for job seekers to choose from.

Job categories may include: 

Accounting Education Insurance Restaurant - Food Service
Admin - Clerical Engineering Inventory Retail
Agriculture Entry Level - New Grad Legal Sales
Arts - Entertainment - Publishing Executive Management Science
Automotive Facilities Manufacturing Security
Banking Finance Marketing Skilled Labor - Trades
Biotech General  Media - Journalism - Newspaper Software
Broadcast - Journalism General Labor Nonprofit - Social Services Strategy - Planning
Business Government Nurse Supply Chain
Creative Grocery Other Telecommunication
Construction Health Care Pharmaceutical Training
Consulting Hotel - Hospitality Professional Services Transportation
Customer Service Human Resources QA - Quality Control Warehouse
Design Information Technology Real Estate  
Distribution - Shipping Installation - Maint - Repair Research  



Job Type

Possible job types include: 
Note: If the recruiter did not specify a Job Type when the posting was created, the number of search results for the selected Job Type may appear greater than the number of search results listed at the top.


Value Description
Permanent This is a job posting for a permanent position.
Temporary This is a job posting for a temporary position.
Contract This is a job posting for a contract position.



Apply Filters/ Clear Filters Buttons

The Apply filters button applies the selected filters (Job Categories, Job Type, etc.) to the search results and returns all jobs that are within the parameters of the chosen filters. When filters have been selected, users can either click Search for Jobs or Apply filters to return related jobs. When filters are selected, the buttons appear in a darker color.


The Clear filters button clears all filters that have been selected. When the search has been cleared, new filters can be selected as necessary. If the user performs a search without filters, all jobs that are available for the board will be available.


These buttons do not affect the search radius or search terms.



Boolean / Advanced Job Board Search

Boolean - also referred to as Advanced Search - is a type of text search that combines keywords with operators such as AND, NOT, and OR to refine search results. 


As an example, the phrase "writer AND automotive" entered into the Job Board search field will generate all job listings containing both words.


A summary of the search terms will be visible in the upper left corner above the number of search results that met the search criteria. 


Visit the Avionté Web Platform - Search General help page for details about Boolean expressions and explanations. 



Location/Radius Search

Once a Postal code has been entered, a radius search can be defined by selecting the distance amount under "Acceptable mileage from location" by using the mileage buttons.

The mileage buttons designate a radius around a Postal code's central point as determined by the USPS. The radius will include the entire Postal code in which the central point is found. If the radius encircles another Postal code's central point, results will also include that entire Postal code. Canadian postal codes are not yet included in the job board search.

The radius search will not return results that are more than 100 miles from the Postal code.

The location will display in the upper left corner along with a summary of the search parameters and the number of jobs that met that criteria. 

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