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Job Board - Job Displayed on Job Board

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This page provides a summary of the information in a job post on an Avionté Job Board. The parts of the post are broadly defined here, but some content is linked to pages with more in-depth information.


Postings are managed in the Postings vertical. For more information on creating a Posting, see Post a Job help page.


Note: Existing job board content in the Avionté portals will eventually be migrated to the Avionté Web Platform's job board. 



Job Displayed on Job Board

Once a job has been posted, job seekers will be able to view and submit an application. The information about a job posting will appear to the public in the below format:




Field Description
Summary A brief description of the job posting that appears below the job header bar. This text is defined in the Posting vertical in the "Summary text for job" textbox.
Job Category The category used to describe the job. The job category is chosen from a set list of options. For a listing of the possible job categories, see the Job Board Search help page. This field is defined in the Posting vertical.
Pay Rate

The pay information as defined in the Posting vertical.

Job ID Displays the Job ID number, which is the same as the "Order ID" number.
Branch The branch where the order originated.
Posted Date The date the job was posted to the job board.
Job Type Displays whether the job is a permanent, temporary or contract position.
Description Appears in the body of the job posting. The person who posts the job chooses the text and sections that are visible in the public job posting.
Job Keywords Skills, competencies and other qualifications that come from the job order.



Apply Now Link


Job seekers can use the Apply Now link to quickly apply for a specific job. This link is located at the top of the posting and also below the job details so the job seeker can easily apply without having to scroll back to the top of the posting.




Share a Job Posting

The "Allow job board users to share job postings via social media" box must be checked in Admin > Job Boards for the share icons to be visible. For more information on enabling this option, see the Admin - Job Boards help article. 


When the sharing option is enabled on a Job Board, a series of share icons will display on the published job posting. 
Note: This list is a standard list of options.

    1. Navigate to a job posting.

    2. Locate the share icons on the job posting.


    3. Select an icon to share the job posting (e.g. Copy the link for the posting, share the posting on Twitter, etc.)

      Icon Share Method Action
      facebook.png Facebook A window for Facebook will open. Log in to Facebook to share the link.
      twitter.png Twitter A window for Twitter will open. Log in to Twitter to share the link.
      linkedin.png LinkedIn A window for LinkedIn will open. Log in to LinkedIn to share the link.
      copylink.png Copy Link A Copy Link page will appear. Click Copy to copy the link to your Clipboard and paste using the commands on your computer or mobile device.
      mail.png Mail An Email a Friend page will appear. Enter the recipient's email, your email, update the subject of the email as necessary and add a note. Place a checkmark in the "I am not a Robot" box. Click Send to send the e-mail.
      message.png Message If you are using a mobile device, the message app on the device will load with the link in the body of the text. If you are using a desktop computer, the Email a Friend page will display instead.




View the Shared Job Posting

The shared job posting page looks similar to what an Avionté Web Platform user would see, but there are some differences. While the post can be shared with many people, only Avionté Web Platform users have the ability to edit the post. If the posting has been removed an error message that says "Sorry! Page not found" will appear.  

When a job posting is shared via social media, Google includes it in job searches as part of  that specific social media platform.


Field Description
"Click here to see additional opportunities on the job board." button Visitors to the job board posting can click this button to see additional job opportunities on that specific job board.  

This button replaces the Avionté Web Platform search functionalities that users who are logged in would typically see. 
Removed Avionté Web Platform Sign In The staff sign-in has been removed from the shared job posting. 
Posting Information The posting information appears as normal. See the Job Displayed On Job Board section above for more information.
Apply Now Button This button can be used to apply for the the job listed on the link that was sent. 
Share Options

Share icons are available so that the job posting can be shared.

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