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E-Verify Error Messages - Suite Platform

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This article provides a description of E-Verify as it is used in the Avionté Suite platform. E-Verify is also available in the Avionté Web-Based Modules. Visit the E-Verify - Web-Based Modules article for more details.




E-Verify is an Employment Eligibility Service managed by the US Government's Department of Homeland Security. Avionté integrates with E-Verify and displays the E-Verify screens used to gather information that is then sent to the Department of Homeland Security.


Because there are two systems at work simultaneously - the Avionté system and the E-Verify system - there may be error messages generated from either system during the applicant process. This article details error messages generated from the Avionté system. 


E-Verify has its own set of help content available through its website (see the E-Verify Contact section at the end of this article). 




Avionté Application Error Messages in the E-Verify Process


Error Message Location Description Corrective Action
Password Must Change Admin Tools The web service account password is incorrect.  E-Verify passwords must be updated by the user every 90 days. If the password is not changed in time, the account will be locked. For more information on how to change the E-Verify password see, E-Verify: Account Management.
Required input field (DMVDocumentNbr) is null Pop-Up Window

This issue occurs when a DHS re-verification is required and a List B or C document Driver's License is selected. This will only occur for states where E-Verify does not request the Driver's License number.

This issue has been resolved in Avionté versions 14.2.4 and newer. If this error is encountered in a version older than 14.2.4, contact your client representative to consider upgrade solutions.

Failure returned while requesting resolved cases for account 10, status code: -1, message: Authentication failed flag is set you must update the account to reset. Admin Tools This message appears when background processes try to pull case data from E-Verify and encounters an issue. Reset the web services password on the E-Verify website.  For more information on how to change the E-Verify password see, E-Verify: Account Management.
Invalid access method associated with this user.  Pop-up Window The username is not for a web service account. 

Enter the username and password for the web services account, NOT the E-Verify website.

No background processing record was found. Additional setup or troubleshooting may be required. Admin Tools Additional setup is required to use the integration.  Contact Avionté support for assistance.
Invalid case recurrence  Admin Tools The status of the case in Avionté does not match what is on record with E-Verify.

Verify the status of the case on the E-Verify website. 

If the case was closed on the website, it cannot be closed in Avionté. If this happened, then the drop-down menu will appear blank. Avionté can update the status drop-down menu for the case, but it is billable to fix.

Version Mismatch Admin Tools The version of Avionté and the E-Verify version are mismatched.

Check the version of E-Verify that you are using. To locate this information, from the Start Page, click on the Actions menu and click E-Verify account. The "System|E-Verify" window displays. The E-Verify version is listed in the upper left panel. 

If the error persists, contact Avionté Support.

Client Company ID is not null. Pop-up Window There is text in the EVerifyClientCompanyID config option.

This field needs to be blank. 

To remove text from the field, navigate to the Start Page. Select the Actions drop-down menu and select Admin Tools. Select System and Config Option. Select the tab, Config Option by FKName, and under the "Property" column, type "verify." Ensure that there is no text in the "Default" column next to "EVerifyClientCompanyID."

E-Verify Connection Failed: Invalid Version Number Pop-up Window There is a mismatch between versions.

In the Avionté core application, check the version in the "System|E-Verify" window. Ensure that it matches the version recorded with E-Verify.

When the versions have been verified as matching, reset the web services password on the E-Verify website.  For more information on how to change the E-Verify password see, E-Verify: Account Management.



E-Verify Contact

For questions regarding E-Verify, see the following links: 

Note: The following links are not hosted by Avionté. Clicking the links below will direct you to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) websites.


E-Verify Login Help

E-Verify Questions and Answers

Contact E-Verify

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