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PeopleClues Configuration - Admin Tools Setup

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The following Admin Tools configuration steps must be performed to integrate PeopleClues with Avionté. In the Assessment section, you set up the PeopleClues assessment provider and the properties that apply to your site and staffing suppliers; and in the Forms section, you make the PeopleClues summary information available to individuals for viewing in the Employee section.




System Assessment
In Admin tools, choose the System category, then follow the steps below:
  1. Double-click the Assessment option. The Admin System Assessment window appears.

  2. If this is the first time configuring the Assessment option for this site, click the Assessment tab. This is where you define the PeopleClues assessment provider and its default setup data. Once you have entered this data, it will be available as you configure each supplier.

  3. In the ClientID fields, enter the ID numbers provided by PeopleClues. 

    • Testing ID# - To be used for TESTING environments only.

    • Production ID# - To be used for PRODUCTION environments.

  4. In the AccountID field, enter a unique Company ID provided by PeopleClues to be used by Avionté (this is usually CompanyID, used for web portals).

  5. In the ProviderRequestURL field, enter one of the following paths:

    • - To be used for PRODUCTION environments.

  6. In the Packages field, enter one or more of the following assessment testing packages to be used (for multiple, use a comma-delimited list). Be sure to include all packages your company intends to use.

    • 5504.1 - This is a Personality, Cognitive assessment that returns “Percentile” scores 0-100% for each job category along with links to all possible Job Fit and Development reports.

    • 5505.1 - This is an Attitude assessment that returns an Attitude overall “Band” score with “Low Concern”, “Some Concern”, “Serious Concern”, or “Not Valid,” along with a link to the Attitude reports.

    • 5506.1 - This is a combined Personality, Cognitive, Attitude assessment that returns all scores and report links available shown above for 5504.1 and 5505.1.

    • 5508.1 - This is an Engagement assessment that returns all scores and a report link.

  7. In the PC_GenerateRequestXML_SP field, enter PC_GenerateRequestXML_Standard (default value).

  8. In the PC_ProcessResponseXML_SP field, enter PC_ProcessResponseXML_Standard (default value).

  9. In the PC_GetAssessmentDetail_SP field, enter PC_GetAssessmentDetail_Standard (default value).

  10. In the WebBannerGraphicURL field, enter an image to be displayed as a banner while an applicant is taking an assessment. The size must be set to 760 x 300 pixels.

  11. In the ResultTransmissionURL field, leave the default value. This is the result transmission URL for PeopleClues after completion of an assessment.

  12. In the ReportGraphicURL field, enter an image to be displayed on the online assessment report. The size of the image should be 300 x 100 pixels.

  13. Click Save when finished entering the property values.

  14. Click the Staffing Supplier Assessment tab to set up PeopleClues for each staffing supplier.

  15. Click the Add New button to configure PeopleClues for a supplier.

  16. From the Assessment drop-down list, choose PeopleClues.

  17. From the Supplier drop-down list, choose a supplier from the list defined at your site.

  18. In the Staffing Supplier Assessment Property grid, change any properties as necessary or accept the defaults, and click Save.

  19. Repeat for each supplier as necessary.




System Forms
In Admin tools, choose the System category, then follow the steps below to indicate the users and groups that are to have PeopleClues access from within Avionté. The PeopleClues option will appear as a submenu item in the Employee section.
  1. Double-click the Forms option. The Config Form window appears.

  2. Expand the Front Office option and the Employee option.

  3. Select the PeopleClues option.

  4. In the Shared By group box, choose User or Group, then use the search area to find the user/group.

  5. Check the Is Visible checkbox (box must be checked) to give access to the user or group.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Repeat the above steps as necessary to provide access to other users/groups as needed.




System Config Choice

In Admin tools, choose the System category, then follow the steps below to set up config choice options used specifically for PeopleClues in Avionté.
  1. Double-click the Config Choice option. The Config Form window appears.

  2. Click the Add New button. Notice the fields in the Config Choice Detail group are cleared for entry.

  3. From the Category drop-down list, select EmployeeAssessmentType.

  4. In the Choice Code field, you will need to enter one of the following values, based on the packages you are using.
    • Attitude
    • Engagement
    • Personality, Cognitive
    • Personality, Cognitive, Attitude

  5. In the Description field, enter the value you just entered in the previous step.

  6. In the Shared By group, select the staffing suppliers to which the choice codes will apply.

  7. Click Save.

  8. Repeat the previous four steps to create additional choice codes as needed.

  9. Once the choice codes have been created, click the Choice Property tab.

  10. For the config choices you have added, set the Sort Order to the order in which you want the choices to appear.

  11. In the System Name column, enter the values as listed below for the corresponding choice codes you have defined:
    • Attitude: 5505.1
    • Engagement: 5508.1
    • Personality, Cognitive: 5504.1
    • Personality, Cognitive, Attitude: 5506.1

  12. Click Save.

  13. Repeat the above steps as necessary to provide access to other users/groups as needed.


To fully configure PeopleClues, set up PeopleClues in the Admin portal. For details, see PeopleClues Configuration - Set Admin Portal Properties.

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