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PeopleClues Configuration - Set Admin Portal Properties

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Log into the Admin portal using administrative credentials, and then set the following properties to configure the assessment tests to display in the Applicant portal.




Portal Properties

  1. Click the Portal Property link in the left menu panel.

  2. In the Web Portal Property Setting page, select Applicant from the Portals drop-down.

  3. Search for and select the property Web_ApplicantAssessmentType1 (enter all or a portion of the property name in the search field to help located the property). The value entered here determines which test is displayed on the "Assessment 1" page, which you will set up below in Applicant portal menu setup.

  4. As necessary for each staffing supplier, enter one of the following PackageID codes to indicate the assessment test type to use.
    Note: Any package you enter here must also be defined in the Admin Tools Assessment section described earlier.

    • 5504.1 - This is a Personality, Cognitive assessment that returns “Percentile” scores 0-100% for each job category along with links to all possible Job Fit and Development reports.

    • 5505.1 - This is an Attitude assessment that returns an Attitude overall “Band” score with “Low Concern”, “Some Concern”, “Serious Concern”, or “Not Valid,” along with a link to the Attitude reports.

    • 5506.1 - This is a combined Personality, Cognitive, Attitude assessment that returns all scores and report links available shown above for 5504.1 and 5505.1.

    • 5508.1 - This is an Engagement assessment that returns all scores and a report link.

  5. Optionally, if a second assessment page is to be displayed in the Applicant portal, search for the property Web_ApplicantAssessmentType2 and perform the same procedure as just described above. The value entered here determines which test is displayed on the "Assessment 2" page.
    Note: If both properties have the same value defined, then only one menu is shown. And currently, the "Override by" value of these properties applies to Supplier only.




Applicant Portal Menu Setup


  1. Click the Menu link in the left menu panel. The Portal Menu Summary page appears.

  2. From the Select Portal drop-down, select Applicant.

  3. From the Select Main Menu drop-down, select Applicant Portal. The menu options for the Applicant portal appear.

  4. Click the View link for Assessment 1. The Portal Menu window appears.

  5. Define the properties of the Assessment 1 menu and page as necessary. In this case, the properties you need to be concerned with are:

    • Menu Label: Default is Assessment 1, but can be changed as needed.

    • Sort Order: Set the order in which this page appears in the Applicant wizard.
      Note: This page must appear before the applicant Submit page.

    • Is Visible: Check to enable the page, then select all branches that the page is to be made available.

  6. Click the Update button to apply the changes.


To fully configure PeopleClues, set up PeopleClues in Admin Tools, in the Avionté Core Application. For details, see PeopleClues Configuration - Admin Tools Setup.

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