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PeopleClues Technical Background

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The following is intended for Avionté power users, administrators, and implementation personnel as technical background information describing how PeopleClues and Avionté communicate with each other.



XML Schemas


Used by Avionté


AOR (Assessment Order Request) Used to request reports.
ASR (Assessment Status Request) Used to check the status of an order.


XML Schemas used by PeopleClues

AOA (Assessment Order Acknowledgement) Used to acknowledge receipt of an AOR, ASR and ACR.
AR (Assessment Result) Used to return assessment results.


XML Communications

When Avionté “invites” a participant to take an assessment, the system sends an "AssessmentOrderRequest" (AOR) XML string within an HTTP Request. The package IDs for assessments are described above, and represent different assessments.


An "AssessmentOrderAcknowledgement" (AOA) is returned synchronously within the HTTP Response to the AOR. The AOA contains information including the unique assessment link that is used by the participant to take the required assessments. The participant can use the assessment link until all required assessments have been completed.


If the participant quits or gets disconnected before they have completed all the required assessments, reusing the link allows the PeopleClues application to determine which assessments are left to complete and allows the participant to take them. If the link is used after all required assessments have been taken, then a message will be displayed stating: “All required assessments have been completed for this order”.


Once the participant completes the required assessments using the URL link that was returned in the AOA, an "AssessmentResult" (AR) is “sent” back to Avionté and is accessed through the Front Office Employee section's PeopleCluessubmenu item.

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