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AR Select Invoices (Manual Entry)

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You can also select invoices by typing an invoice number directly into the Enter Invoice Number section of the AR Post Payment tab.




  1. In the main menu, navigate to Back Office > AR.

  2. Create a new batch or open an existing batch.

  3. In the Invoice Number column of the Post Payments tab, type the number of the invoice you’d like to pull in, then press Tab.

  4. The invoice details, including customer name, invoice amount, and payment amount are automatically populated for that row.

  5. When an invoice number is entered manually, the system checks to see if the customer associated with that invoice has any credit memos or unapplied cash. If credit memos or unapplied cash exist, they will appear as options in the Payment By drop-down list. For details, see Apply Credit Memos or Unapplied Cash.

  6. Payment Amount defaults to a payment in full. If the customer has paid a different amount, click the Payment Amount field, edit that value, then press Tab to save.

  7. You can also edit the payment Reason.

  8. Press Enter or Tab to save the invoice row.

    Note: Once you click away from the active row, the Payment Amount becomes fixed and is no longer editable. If you need to change the payment amount, delete that row, then add the invoice again:

    1. Right-click the row.

    2. Click Delete Payment.

    3. Then add the invoice again, either manually or by clicking Select Invoices.

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