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Avionté Web Platform Use Cases

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The Avionté Web Platform is versatile. This article explains how the application is used in common scenarios depending on the role of the user. 



Sales - Nearby Contacts


I am a sales team member frequently on the road visiting my prospects.  I just wrapped up a meeting and realize I have some time before my next meeting. 


I would like to make the best use of my time by visiting a Contact in the area, but I am not able to think of a Contact that is near my current location.

Application Use
  1. In the Recruiter module, search for the Contact currently being visited

  2. Determine the Contact's ZIP code. 

  3. Use the filters to create a location search for the Current Contact's ZIP code.

  4. From the search results, select a nearby Contact to visit.

  5. Select the map icon in that Contact's Profile > Addresses to open google maps on your phone allowing you to quickly navigate to the Contact address.






Recruiter - Candidate Search


I am a recruiter currently working on a challenging open order.  I want to make certain I am using my current database of candidates to its fullest potential by completing an extensive search and building myself a call list. 


I am frequently interrupted during the day so completing this work in the office is challenging.  The ability to complete it in the evening while unwinding in preparation of the next day is ideal.

Application Use
  1. Navigate to the Talent area.

  2. Build and save a search with Boolean operators.

  3. Use the dynamic filters to further drill down into your search.

  4. Use the Quick View’s to quickly review your Talent records to determine if it is a person of interest.

  5. Use Tags to mark any Talent records requiring follow-up for quick and easy access the next day.

  6. Any searches you like but are not able to fully review can be saved for future access.





Recruiter - Targeted Posting

Scenario As a recruiter I am often faced with seeking out hard to find talent.  When posting jobs I want to make certain my postings are tailored to the correct target audience.
Application Use
  1. Navigate to the Posting area.

  2. Search for the direct hire or temporary order you want to post.

  3. Click the “Create posting” button and personalize your job posting accordingly by entering a job title to post, job category, job type, location, pay details, summary and job description.

  4. Once personalized, select the appropriate job board(s) created for your organization to post this job

  5. Additional postings can be created by selecting the plus (+) button next to the first, allowing for personalization of multiple postings as well as selection of the appropriate job board(s) for all appropriate target audiences.





Applicant - Quick Apply

Scenario I am an applicant I want to search for jobs whenever I have spare time.  I have a busy evening ahead but have some spare time while riding the bus home.
Application Use
  1. Access the Job Board Module via your mobile device

  2. Search for jobs based on type, category, and location

  3. When a job of interest is found select the “Apply now” button

  4. Quickly apply by providing name, contact information and a resume



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