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Config Option - GridColumnsNotToHide

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The GridColumnsToNotHide property defines which columns should remain visible in the grid when others with similar column names were hidden in the GridColumnsToHide config option, as described in the Config Option - GridColumnsToHide help article.

For example, if all columns with the word "check" were hidden from the grid, but the column "Check Deliver" should still be visible, "Check Deliver" should be entered as the value for this config option.

NoteThis only affects grids throughout Avionté, not standard displayed fields (i.e. fields that display in summary windows). Information hidden from a grid display (e.g. Employee > Dates, Employee > Work History, etc.) will still be visible in a page view. 



Property location: Config Option > User > User_UserSetting
Default: blank
Valid values: Names of column headers that should remain visible.
Where the setting is reflected... The specified columns will be visible in the grid, while all others with the keyword(s) defined in GridColumnsToHide, will be hidden.

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