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W-2 Process Guide

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Prior to generating an Employee's W-2 form in Avionté, ensure that all of the prerequisites listed below have been met. 

If you are populating the W-2 form through Greenshades, see the Greenshades Guide - Year End: W-2 article for more information. 





Generate the Greenshades Feed and XML

Access Greenshades through the normal Avionté core application login.

  1. From the Main tree, select Weekly Process.

  2. Click on the Generate Green Shade shortcut button and the Green Shades window will load. The Green Shades window includes four sections.

  3. Choose the applicable company and date information: 

    Property Definition
    Staffing Supplier Company name by Federal ID.
    Year ID Select the current year. Historically, you will have as many years as you have with Avionté.
    Quarter Select the quarter for which the XML should be created. Historically, the four most recent quarters will be listed. However, if this is your first year with Avionté, you will see only the quarters which occurred within this calendar year.

  4. In the File Type section, select the yearly and/or quarterly files to submit to Greenshades.

  5. In the File Info section, you can designate a folder on your local computer to store the XML. You can delete this folder once the quarter end process has been completed.

  6. From the shortcuts, select the Generate Feed & XML button.

    NoteThe File Generated message will load once the feed and XML has been generated successfully and is available in the designated folder. This file is now ready to send to Greenshades to build the year end returns.

  7. Click OK. This will launch Greenshades from the Green Shades window.

    NoteThe XML houses all of the raw data to build returns. This is not a formatted view and may be difficult to review. The file is very large and will take time to open.



Error Generating Feed

If you receive a message stating that errors occurred, refer to Greenshades Guide - Troubleshooting.




Printing W-2s in Avionté

W-2 forms can be printed for all employees or only for employees who did not elect to receive an electronic W-2. 

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Reports

  2. Click All Reports to launch all of the reports available in Avionté.

  3. Search for the W-2 Report by typing "W2" into the blank field under Title.

  4. Select the applicable W-2 Report based on your W-2 paper stock (Pressured or 4-up):

    Note: For more information on standard reports, see the Standard Reports help article. 

    Report Description Parameters Fields Who uses this report? Why is this report useful?
    Pressured W2 Report Pressured W2 Report Year, SSN, Branch, Include Electronic W-2 (True, False) Generates a filled W-2 Form for all selected employees Back Office This report makes generating W-2 forms for your employees simple and easy.
    W2 Report 4 up Blank Report 4 up template Year, Branch, Primary Mailing Address, Primary Order By (First Name, Last Name, SSN, State), SSN, Local Tax, WH Tax State, Employee Status, Include Electronic W-2s, Supplier, Show Corrected (True, False) Generates a filled W-2 Form for all selected employees. Back Office This report makes generating W-2 forms for your employees simple and easy.

  5. Double click the report to open the Report View window. 
    Note: Place a checkmark in the box under Favorite to include this report under the My Favorite report category for easy access in the future. 

  6. Enter information into the blank fields at the top of the Report View window. W-2 forms will print for employees who match the selected criteria. 

  7. For the Include Electronic W-2s field, select the False radio button to print W-2 forms for people who did NOT consent to receive them electronically (this not print W-2s for people who elected to receive them electronically).

    Click True to print W-2s for ALL employees, including employees who elected to receive their W-2 electronically.

  8. Click View Report to generate the report.

  9. Print the W-2s by clicking the Print icon,, in the Report View window.



Building the W2

The Federal W2s are created for you. Greenshades has limited power of attorney to submit them to the SSA.

Federal W2

  1. To start building the file, select the Build checkbox.

  2. Click the Next button to build the file.

  3. In the next screen, select the Click to Begin Filing link.

  4. Select the View Details link. The details of all W2s will load in an Excel spreadsheet.

    Avionte recommends saving or printing the totals for future reference using the available links.

    NoteThese totals include your W3. However, since you will be filing electronically, filing of the W3 is not required.

  5. You may prefer to manually upload the file to the Social Security Administration (SSA) instead of using Greenshades. In this case, select the Save E-File link. You must save the file to your local computer with exactly the same name and file extension as the default.

    NoteGreenshades has given these files a specific name that can NOT be changed prior to uploading to the website. If renamed, or the file extension is changed, an error will occur during the transfer.

  6. Select the Next button to continue.




Filing the W2

  1. If you plan to manually submit the W2, select the Manual Submission option.

    NoteIf you did not save the E-File from the previous screen, click the Back button and save the E-File.

  2. Click Next to follow the instructions provided by Greenshades. The same information is filed whether you choose to submit manually or automatically through Greenshades. The manual submission does not provide an email from Greenshades, however the SSA will let you know when the W2 is filed.

  3. If you choose to have Greenshades file the W2 electronically, select Automatic Submission.

  4. Select the Next button.

  5. Greenshades will ask for your contact information, including email and phone number prior to submitting the file. Enter the data in the fields.

  6. Click Next to submit the W2 file to the SSA. Greenshades will send your W2(s) to the SSA. You will receive an email confirming the submission.

    NoteOnce you have successfully submitted any return in Greenshades, changes must be made by amending the original submission.



Flag Quarter as Complete

The quarter must be flagged as complete in Admin Tools in order for the W-2 form to display in the Employee Portal. 

  1. From the Start Page, navigate to the Actions Menu.

  2. Click Admin Tools from the drop-down menu. 

  3. Under Category, choose Employer.

  4. Double click the staffing company (employer) to work with.

  5. Click the Config Year tab at the top of the window.

  6. From the Year drop-down menu, select the year you want to make the W-2 forms available for display. When a Year is selected, the other fields will automatically populate with data.

  7. To save the data and also make the W-2s available for display, select a date from the calendar drop-down for in the EndDate column next for Q4.
    Note: This can be auto-populated by clicking on 'Flag As Complete' in Weekly Process from within the Greenshades window.

  8. The DateCompleted and LastDataGeneratedDate fields must be populated. This should happen automatically from data entered through Greenshades, or they can be manually selected from the calendar drop-down.

  9. Click Save to save changes. 



Viewing W-2s in the Employee Portal

If an employee consented to receive their W-2 electronically, the form will be available in their Employee Portal under the eDocuments section when the employee logs in.

The fourth quarter must be flagged as complete in Avionté in order for the W-2s to display. For more information see the instructions under the section, Flag Quarter as Complete


Video - Posting W-2s to the Employee Portal




Notifying Employees Their W-2s Are Available

The Get W2 Details AQ can be used to determine who was consented to receive their W2 electronically and provides employees' contact information.

  1. Navigate to Reports in the Avionté main menu.

  2. Locate the Get W2 Details AQ from your reports list. If you cannot find the report in your list, you may need to grant yourself or other users permission in Admin Tools > Report

  3. Double click on the Get W2 Details AQ in your list to open it.

  4. Enter the desired parameters. 
    1. Select the proper supplier that you would like review
    2. Enter the reporting year in the Year field. 
    3. Select Detail from the Return Type field.


  5. Click Run Query.

  6. Filter the ElectronicW2 column to those who responded Yes by using the drop-down list at the column header.

  7. Click the Options right-side tab and choose Export to Excel.

  8. A dialog box will open to save your exported file. Select a file location and click Save.

  9. Another dialog box will populate, asking if you would like to launch this exported file. Click Yes.

  10. Once opened in Excel, scroll to find the column labeled Email Address. You may then choose to filter out the Blanks in this column.

  11. Select all items in the column and choose Copy (or Ctrl + C on your keyboard).

  12. Open your Email application (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and Paste the copied email list into the To field. You may then craft your email to notify employees that their W-2s are available on the portal or are in the mail. 


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