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1095-C Part II Overrides

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The following are Avionté's recommendations for correcting data and producing proper ACA reporting. Consult legal counsel or your broker for questions regarding insurance offerings or ACA compliance.


An override can be used to manually alter values in Part II of an employee's 1095-C. An override will not alter any other data on the employee's record (e.g. ACA Eligibility) and it will not affect the data on the 1094-C. It is a tool best used to fix an employee's codes or values that may be slightly different than the supplier's or branch's values. 

Please note: Overrides may not be reflected on the 1095-C Report if the code combinations used in the overrides are invalid. Also, before creating an override, please ensure that the data necessary to create the 1095-C, such as insurance plans, benefit packages, and insurance offers are entered into the ACA Companion. 



ACA Override Demo Video





ACA Override Process

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Front Office > Employee

  2. Search for an employee using the search fields at the top of the window and select the employee.


  3. Click Extra from the Employee sub-menu. 

  4. In the "Enter New Here" section, select one of the following options to indicate the line of the employee's 1095-C that will be overridden.

    Option Description
    1095-C Line 14 Override Manually overrides Line 14 of the 1095-C. Example: 1A 01/2017
    1095-C Line 15 Override

    Manually overrides Line 15 of the 1095-C. Line 15 requires a dollar amount. Do not include a dollar sign. 

    Example: 98.00 01/2017

    1095-C Line 16 Override

    Manually overrides Line 16 of the 1095-C. 

    Example: 2D 05/2017


  5. Click the blank field in the "Value" column and click the Edit button. A free text box displays. 


  6. Enter the employee's correct date for the selected line of the 1095-C. Create a new line any time a code changes, as shown in the example below.

    Notes Use NA to indicate months that should be blank. (Example: NA 05/2015) 
    Format must be CC MM/YYYY 


  7. Click OK when you have finished updating the information. This will close the window and the updates will appear in the "Value" column in the "Enter New Here" section.


  8. Verify that the "Value" field is populated with the correct values. 


  9. Press Tab to save. The "Label" and "Value" will move to the top of the screen.


  10. In the ACA Companion application, open the Report preparation tab to generate data that will be used in reports available in the Core application. Visit the ACA Companion Application Tab 6: Report Preparation article for data generation details. 

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