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Using Vendors for ACA Reporting

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Avionté supports the use of various vendors to complete the ACA end-of-year reporting. While you can print and mail your 1094-C and 1095-Cs from the Avionté core application using the Avionte_1095C and Avionte_1094C reports, we also work with Greenshades, IBF (now called SOLV) and Nelco to produce export files that can be sent to these vendors to print and mail the reports to employees for you.



IBF and Nelco Feeds

To use IBF (SOLV) or Nelco, you will need the "ACA Export - IBF or Nelco" feed deployed to your database. Contact Avionté to deploy this to your database. 


Note: Greenshades data is no longer used to export IBF and Nelco feeds.


Grant Permission to this Export

  1. From the Start Page, navigate to the Actions drop-down menu and select "Admin Tools." 

  2. Under "Category," click System and under "Select," double click Report.

  3. Click the Advanced Query tab.

  4. Search for "IBF" or "Nelco" in the search field under "Query Name."

  5. Click either ACA Export - IBF or ACA Export - Nelco depending on which one you will use. 

  6. Select the users or groups under the "Advance Query Users" pane who should have access to run this feed by placing a checkmark in the check box next to their name. 

  7. Click Save.



Exporting the Feed

  1. From the Main Menu, navigate to Back Office > Weekly Process

  2. Select the Export/Import tab on the right side of the window.

  3. From the "Select Feed" drop-down menu, select either ACA Export-IBF or ACA Export-Nelco.

  4. In the "Enter Parameter" field, select the desired year and supplier from the "Value" drop-down menu. 

  5. Click Browse to select a location where the file will be saved. 

  6. Click Process File. The file will be saved in the given location which can then be uploaded to IBF or Nelco.




Avionté partners with Greenshades to provide printing, mailing and e-filing services for 1095-C and 1094-C reporting. To utilize this feature, you must be signed with a Greenshades services package through Avionté. Please contact your Client Manager for details. 

To file with Greenshades, see Greenshades 1095-C and 1094-C Filing Instructions.


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