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Standard Canadian AQ - Generate T4 Data

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Report Description

A T4, akin to an American W2, provides employee tax information. The Generate T4 Data AQ acts as the generator of T4 data, but does not provide a view of the finished T4. Any available T4-related information is generated when the Run Query button is clicked, then, after the T4 can be viewed in T4 reports. Error messages associated with the T4 generation are displayed in this AQ.







Parameter Name




All branches available within a Company



4-digit year i.e. 2017

A single year for which tax information will be generated.





Report Fields

Field Name


ID The ID assigned to the row of T4 data.
ErrorMessage Any error messages associated to the data generation are displayed here. 
EmployeeID The employee's unique identification number.
FirstName The first name of the employee.
LastName The last name of the employee. 

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