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Talent Task - IBM® Kenexa® Assess on Cloud

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IBM Kenexa Assess on Cloud Video

Setup - Admin

Use - Recruiter

     Assess on Cloud in the Search Field

     Assess on Cloud Results in the Talent Profile

Use - Talent





Assess on Cloud, a product offered by Kenexa/IBM, offers assessments in a variety of different fields and skill sets. Assessments range from Basic to Advanced levels and include topics in Accounting, Behavioral, Call Center, Clerical, Financial, Healthcare, Industrial, Legal, Software, and Technical environments. 


Assessments can be sent from the Recruiter Module as a Talent task to an applicant or employee. 




IBM Kenexa Assess on Cloud Video

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Setup - Admin

  1. In the Recruiter Module, navigate to Admin > Integrations

  2. From the Employer drop-down field, select the supplier that will send the assessment to the talent.

  3. Slide the Enable Assess On/Off slider to "On" to make the application available as a selection in Admin > Talent Module Settings

  4. In the Client ID field, enter the client ID provided by IBM Kenexa.

  5. In the Secret field, enter the password provided by IBM Kenexa. 

  6. Click SaveSettings.png

  7. Navigate to Recruiter Module > Talent Module Settings > Onboarding tab

  8. In the Assessments section, slide the Assess on Cloud On/Off slider to "On" to make the application available to recruiters.

    The integration is now ready for use in the Recruiter Module.

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Use - Recruiter

  1. Navigate to the Recruiter Module > Talent

  2. Search for the talent to receive the assessment.

  3. Click the talent's Tasks QuickView link. Any activity related to the QuickView will display in the QuickView pane.

  4. Click the airplaneicon.png icon at the top of the QuickView pane.

    • If the sender has not created an email for their account, a prompt displays.

    • Click Cancel.

    • Click the drop-down arrow on the username in the upper-right of the application.

    • Select Account settings.

    • Enter an email address in the Email field.

    • Click Done. A confirmation window displays and you're returned to the QuickView Tasks view.

  5. Click the airplaneicon.png button. 

  6. Click the Talent Assessments drop-down button.

  7. Select the employer from whom the test will originate.

  8. Begin typing the name of the assessment in the Select assessments field. The field will auto-complete with any assessments available from the user's IBM account.

  9. Select an assessment.

  10. Click the plus.png icon. 
    • Select and add more assessments as needed.

  11. Enter a number configuring how long until the assessment is no longer available to the talent. 
    • The expiration countdown begins at the moment the talent clicks on the assessment in their profile. 

  12. Click Send request
    The assessments have been sent to the talent in an email and their status is displayed in the Tasks QuickView pane.

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Assess on Cloud in the Search Field

Talent with assessment scores can be found with specific terms entered into the search field. Specific search terms (assessmentName and assessmentScore) are used along with the name of an assessment to narrow results.


Note: The search terms and name of the assessment must be precisely structured in the search field - including spacing, punctuation, and capitalization - to generate expected results.



Example 1

Find talent that has taken the Typing Assess 2 assessment. Enter assessmentName: "Typing Assess 2" into the search field with the exact words "Typing Assess 2" inside quotation marks. 




Example 2

Find talent that has achieved a minimum score on the Typing assessment. Enter assessmnetName: "Typing Assess 2" into the search field with the exact words "Typing Assess 2" inside quotation marks followed by the operator 'AND,' then assessmentScore: >30.




Example 3

Find talent that has scored within a range on the Typing assessment. Enter assessmnetName: "Typing Assess 2" into the search field with the exact words "Typing Assess 2" inside quotation marks followed by the operator 'AND,' then assessmentScore: [20 to 30].



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Assess on Cloud Results in the Talent Profile

When an assessment has been completed, the assessment score is saved in the IBM Assess account and displayed in the Avionté Web Platform's Recruiter Module under Talent > Profile > Professional tab.


Click the I_icon.png icon to display details about the assessment score.




If the Talent was sent a test multiple times (for example, to retake a test after a failing score), all assessments' scores will display in the Recruiter Module in the Talent > Profile > Professional tab.


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Use - Talent


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