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Admin - Talent Module Settings - Packets Tab

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Add a Packet 

Send a Packet





Packets are groups of talent tasks that can be be sent from the Recruiter Module to a talent. The talent can open the packet and complete the tasks. 

Admins can create packets.

Admins and recruiters can send packets to talent. 


The Packets tab in Admin > Talent Module Settings serves as a creation and management area for task packets. 


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Admins can create packets. Admins and recruiters can send packets to talent. 


  • To create a packet, the name must be unique.

  • Tasks (E-Signature documents, assessments, etc.) must be available to create a packet.

  • To add an E-Signature Template to a packet, the E-Signature template must be turned "On" in the Talent Module Settings > Onboarding tab. 

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Add a Packet

  1. Navigate to Talent Module Settings > Packets tab

  2. Click the  plus.png icon on the Talent Module Settings > Packets page. 

  3. Enter a name for the packet. 
  4. Click the task selection icons to display their menus.

  5. Select the tasks that will be included in the packet.
  6. Click save.png
    A recruiter may now send the packet to one or more individuals.

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Send a Packet

  1. Navigate to the Talent section.

  2. Search for talent that will receive the packet(s).

  3. Place a check mark in the Talent's selection box.
    • Multiple individuals can be selected.

  4. Click the ellipses.png  icon.

  5. Select Send tasks requests

  6. Click Packets. A drop-down menu of available packets displays.  

  7. Place a check mark in the box next to the corresponding packet or packets to be sent to the talent.

    The packets and their status are now viewable on the Talent card's Task QuickView. 


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