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February 8, 2018 ACA Companion Application Release Notes

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February 8, 2018 ACA Companion Application

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The ACA Companion application now properly deletes employeemonthlycoverageoffer records when benefit package enrollments/offers change across years

When a client changes the coverage start and end date for an employee benefit package offer, the records pertaining to it in aca.EmployeeMonthlyCoverageOffer are now deleted so the Agent job can regenerate them with the updated data. 


The 1094-C report's part 3 column b (full-time employee count) data is no longer including employees who never receive a form. 


An AQ has been created to be used in tandem with the standard ACA import. The AQ looks at form batch data, and outputs any employees who have a 1H on line 14 when line 16 is any code other than 2A, 2B, or 2D.


This is designed to eliminate the need for the bulk of the declination insert requests received when a user performs this step on their own. 


An "unhandled exception" error is no longer generated in the Greenshades XML feed if the employee's last name or fisrt name blank or contains invalid characters. 


When generating 1095C forms in the companion app, the plan start date field is no longer randomly generated using the start dates for all plans set up in the companion.

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