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Adobe Sign® in AviontéAERO

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Application Support Series: 
Talent Tasks - E-Signature Documents with Adobe Sign
This article is part of a series that describes the creation and usage of Talent Task E-Signature Documents.  This specific article is italicized and bold in the series table of contents below. 

Talent Tasks - Overview

Adobe - I-9 E-Signature Document with Adobe Sign (Detailed)

Adobe - I-9 E-Signature Document with Adobe Sign (Simple)

Adobe - W-4 E-Signature Document with Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign Integration



Avionté partners with Adobe Sign® to provide electronic document services - PDFs of handbooks, W-4 forms, I-9s, etc. 


Adobe Sign is used to support Talent Tasks in the AviontéAERO Recruiter and Talent Modules. Admins create document templates (W-4, I-9, etc.) in the Adobe Sign interface. From there, the documents are managed in the Recruiter Module then sent to talent to be completed and returned. 


Avionté Strategic Account Executives set up clients with an Adobe Sign account. 



Adobe Help Content

While Avionté has detailed support articles for configuring Adobe documents relating to the Avionté application, the Adobe Sign interface has its own comprehensive collection of help content covering the Adobe interface, layout, and issues specific to the Adobe application. 

Find Adobe help content at



Adobe Account Setup

  • When initially setting up an Adobe Sign account, an email address will be required. Users should ensure the email address is not one previously used to set up an Adobe account. To avoid any issues altogether, it may be a good idea to create a new generic email address for this purpose. 

  • Once an Adobe Sign account is activated, the associated email address will receive a confirmation request. If the link in the confirmation email is not used, it will expire. he confirmation link in the email eventually expires. To generate a new confirmation link, contact your Avionté representative.








Following the setup of an Adobe Sign through an Avionté Account Manager, the Adobe integration is connected to the Avionté Web Platform through the Recruiter Module's Admin > Integrations > Adobe Sign® for E-Signature Documents area.



The Adobe Sign web page may prompt for access credentials (supplied during setup with an Avionté SAE.)



Note: When initially creating an Adobe account, the account should be set up with an email address not associated with a specific user. If a recruiter uses their email address to set up an administrator in the Adobe account there may be permission conflicts when the same email address is used in a recruiter capacity.  




Auditing Adobe Documents

Audit by Document Type

In the event of an audit request from a government agency, E-Signature documents within a specific date range can be accessed from the Admin > Documentation Audit section. Use the Documentation audit area to select document types used during a specific date range. The application will gather all use instances of that document and organize an audit report in Adobe PDF.


As an example, if an audit of the Alabama W-4 form usage between the dates of April 3, 2017 and April 3, 2018 is requested, the PDF will list ALL instances of the Alabama W-4 document completed in that time. If 4,725 Alabama W-4s were completed in that time, the PDF will display 4,725 audit rows. 



When documents are selected and Submit is clicked, every instance of those document type is retrieved. In some cases, there may be thousands which is why a confirmation window will display an estimated time to retrieve all of the selected documents. 



When the process is complete, an email will be sent to the admin with a link and a password. Follow the instructions in the email to retrieve the audit report.



Audit by Individual

Adobe E-Signature documents can be audited per talent. In the Recruiter Module > Talent > Profile > Documents area, E-signature documents can be selected for audit individually. 






Adobe Reporting

Recruiter Module users can view the history and status of Adobe E-Signature Documents in Talent > Profile > Documents. Next to each document is an expand/collapse icon used to display a history of the document.






Adobe Sign Videos


Adobe Sign for Avionté Admins Video




Adobe Sign for Avionté Recruiters Video




Adobe Sign for Federal W-4 Video



Mapping Adobe Sign Document Fields to the Avionté Application 

When a form is pulled into an Adobe Sign account, its fields do not yet match the data expectations of the Avionté application.

The spreadsheet below is used to align or "map" the form's fields to the Avionté application's data labels. The values are in an American format (e.g. date = mm/dd/yy)


Click the icon to download spreadsheet.












Set up an Adobe Sign Account

An Adobe Sign account must be set up with your Avionté SAE (Strategic Account Executive). 

  1. Visit to access the Adobe Sign account.

  2. Sign into Adobe Sign. The dashboard displays.



Add a Standard W-4 Form Template to Adobe Sign

  1. Visit a government website and download a standard form in PDF format to your computer.
  2. In the Adobe Sign Additional Functions area, click Add Template to Library. 

  3. The Create a Library Template displays. Click Add Files.
  4. Access the area where the downloaded W-4 is stored.

  5. Obtain the PDF. It is now available for editing in the Adobe Sign account.

  6. Name the template.

  7. In the lower-right, configure the Template Type and who can use this template.

  8. Click Preview & Add Fields.

The document displays and its fields are now able to be configured for proper communication with the Avionté application. 




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