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Admin - Global Settings

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The Global Settings area allows an admin to configure settings across the application for functionality that is not confined to only one area. The Global settings area contains two tabs -  General Settings and Interview Questions



General Settings

The General Settings tab features admin controls used to manage functionality that exists in multiple areas in the application.


Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit data fields can be populated in multiple areas of the application - the Recruiter Module, Talent Module, and Suite application. The Global Settings administration of Direct Deposit gives an admin a one-stop configuration point for all areas that use Direct Deposit.








Interview Questions

The Interview Questions tab features a list of questions available for employee interviews. The questions created on this page can then be sent to candidates through the Interview Questions application workflow.







Add an Interview Question

Interview questions are presented to candidates through an application workflow. The questions that are presented are created here. To add an interview question, enter data into the fields according to the field definitions below this image. 





Field Definitions

Field  Description

Enter text into the Question field. 

Answers can be in a free-text field, drop-down menu style, etc. The format depends on the way you wish to receive information for the question. 

Answer format

Select an answer format from the drop-down menu. 



Similar to Groups, categories help define interview questions. This is a free-text field and any category name can be inserted, however, a question may belong to only one category at a time. Interview questions are arranged according to Category in the Talent's Q&A QuickView link.


Enter the name of a category to which the interview question will belong.

Answer values Enter the specific answers that will appear as options to the candidate.
Groups Similar to Category, interview questions can also be sorted & filtered by group. 


Click Save in the upper-right when a questions's data has been entered. 

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