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Vertex provides tax rate updates to the Avionté application. As locations in the US adjust tax codes and rates, Vertex sends updates for the Avionté application which are, in turn, made available to customers on an FTP site for download into each customer's version of Avionté.


The standard update is usually released by Vertex between the 16th and 18th of every month. Each update contains any additions, discontinuations, adjustments, and/or fixes for issues related to tax processing and geocode options discovered by Vertex.  Avionté teams download, prepare, and test the updated files to ensure the update goes as smoothly and issue-free as possible.


Through this process, customers may keep their tax-related processes - Address Geocodes, Employee Tax Setup, Processing of Payroll, etc. - current within the Avionté application in an ever-changing tax landscape.


Vertex updates are made available on the Avionté FTP site ( and accessed with client credentials.


The folder placed on the FTP site contains an update summary as well as installation instructions. 

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