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Avionté Web Platform - May 10, 2018 Release Notes

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Aero - Site 1.8



Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "BUG" or "JOB" or "PRD" are used for internal tracking. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system.


Item #

When a talent is assigned an Adobe E-Signature Document Talent Task, but an email address does not yet exist in the Adobe Sign application, the talent will now be presented with a pop-up modal to allow the talent to continue with the task. TalentEmailPopUp.PNG




In the event a Recruiter Module user has rejected an E-Signature document that requires verification, a Recruiter Module user now has the ability to resend the E-Signature document to a Talent to re-complete the document. Once the document has been rejected, the Recruiter Module user will be prompted to resend the task. Reject.PNG

A Recruiter Module user now has the ability to remove/inactivate a pending talent task from a talent record.If a Talent Task was not complete this give the Recruiter the ability to remove it in the event it was sent in error.

PRD-3387 Adobe standard templates have been removed from view in the Admin > Talent Module Settings > Onboarding area. These are not standards that include the unique configuration our customers need.

The Email Management admin section, originally formatted with two tabs - one tab managed email templates, the other was used to assign the template to an email action - has been condensed into one tab.



Talent Module users may now view available branch selections in alphabetical order. The branch sort order will be alphabetical based on the display name making it easier for Talent to find the correct locations to select.


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Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "BUG" or "JOB" or "PRD" are used for internal tracking. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system.



Item  Description Assignee
BUG-1235 Recruiters no longer see a "No interview questions could be found" error when opening the Admin > Global settings page in the Recruiter Module. 
Mitch Ogaard
BUG-1224 Users are no longer required to enter a cell phone provider in the Recruiter Module. 
Nathan Yates

When hovering over a document name in a Talent Task modal, the full document name now displays even if the name is wider than the modal.



Ben Rethmeier

When selecting an employer in the Recruiter Module > Admin > Document audit area, the auto-complete feature now provides the expected Employer name. 

Matthew Bower
BUG-1134 When selecting a template type of "Federal W-4" in Recruiter Module > Admin > Onboarding, the option of "Documents remain visible after completion" is no longer visible as this functionality does not yet exist. 
Nathan Bishop

When removing all of the text from a talent summary, the text is now removed as expected.


Previously, the application behaved as though the "Cancel" button had been clicked and all of the text remained in the field.

Adrian Schiller
BUG-1117 Task packets may now be deleted without at least on task being active.
Jen Dye

As long as either a default job board is configured or the talent home page is enabled, a "404 Not Found" error is no longer generated when a user logs into the Talent Module from a non-Talent-Module page. 


Previously, when attempting to log in as a talent with a web login, if the talent user was not logging in from a talent URL or job board, and was at a standard login page, an error was generated.

Mitch Ogaard
BUG-612 When a Talent completes their initial workflow by completing an acknowledgement page, they are no longer offered the acknowledgement page when applying to future postings or applications. 
Jeff Spry

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