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Avionté Web Platform - Getting Started - Overview

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Avionté Web Platform - Getting Started 
This article is part of series that describes the process of getting started in the Avionté Web Platform. This specific article is italicized and bold in the series table of contents below. 



Credential Setup

Logging In

Add Email

Admin Permissions

Theme Setup

Application Workflow Setup

Job Board Setup

Create a Posting






Avionté is rebuilding its application in a browser format to fully optimize performance, offer software familiarity to users, and provide convenient online availability. As the online Avionté Web Platform replaces the downloaded legacy Core platform, both platforms are able to securely access the information you've previously managed only in the Core application - your customers, your employees, your orders, etc.


In the Core application, users previously set up user accounts, permissions, job board settings, etc. This guide demonstrates how to set up administrative access in the Avionté Web Platform. 





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Credential Setup

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