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Avionté Web Platform - Getting Started - Logging In

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Application Support Series: 
Avionté Web Platform - Getting Started 
This article is part of series that describes the process of getting started in the Avionté Web Platform. This specific article is italicized and bold in the series table of contents below. 



Credential Setup

Logging In

Add Email

Admin Permissions

Theme Setup

Application Workflow Setup

Job Board Setup

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In this Article...

Logging In Overview

Video Tutorial

Sign Into Avionté Web Platform

Sign in Screen Elements

Add an Avionté Web Platform User

Recover Forgotten Username

Avionté Web Platform Passwords

Password Requirements

Password Messages

Reset a Password

Email Account Used for Username and Password Recovery

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Logging In Overview

This article provides username and password instructions for the Recruiter Module - used by staffing admins rather than job applying end-users. For sign-in instructions regarding the Talent Module (used by applicants), visit the Talent Module: Recover Username and Password article.


Contact your client manager for initial access to the Avionté Web Platform. They'll enable the Avionté Web Platform for your company and provide a URL structured where the prefix is your three-letter Avionté company code. For example, ABC Company's Avionté Web Platform URL is 


The Avionté Web Platform requires that a user logs in with a username and a password that has been created in the Avionté Core application. This article explains how to add an Avionté Web Platform user through the Avionté core application, what characters are required in a password, and how to reset a password.


Credentials for Avionté Web Platform are created in the Avionté core application. 


Core application

Avionté Web Platform


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Video Tutorial


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Sign Into the Avionté Web Platform

Avionté Web Platform requires each user to provide a username and password. Usernames and passwords are created in the Avionté core application. Visit the Add an Avionté Web Platform User section below to add a user.



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Sign in Screen Elements

Element Description
Need help? link Click this link to access the Avionté knowledge base.
Username field Created in the Login Name field in the Core application's Web Login User window.
Password field Created in the Password field in the Core application's Web Login User window.
Sign in button

Once the correct username and password have been entered, click the Sign in button to access the Avionté Web Platform.

  • After five failed login attempts, a user will not be able to log in again for 15 minutes.
Remember me check box Click the box add a check mark indicating that the fields will remain populated with username and password information after logging out.

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Add an Avionté Web Platform User

A user must already exist in the Avionté core application before enabling access to the Avionté Web Platform. Users can be added by a Super User. 


  1. Open the Avionté core application. The Start Page will automatically be available.

  2. From the Start Page, click the Actions button. The Actions menu will display.

  3. Select Admin Tools. The Admin Tool Main window will display.

  4. From the Category column, select Employer.

  5. From the StaffingSupplierDesc column, select the Employer to which the User will belong. The Supplier Administration window will display.

  6. Select the User tab from the top of the window. 

  7. Select the Add/Edit button. The User Administration window will display.

  8. Click on the user that will be granted Avionté Web Platform access.

  9. Select Web Login. The Web Login User page will display. 

  10. Some of the Web Login User fields will auto-populate according to user information that has already been added in the Avionté core application. Complete the fields according to these definitions:

    Field Description
    Login Name (auto-populated) The username based on the Avionté Core application username.

    (asterisks displayed for security) The password that will be used to log into the Avionté Web Platform

    Note: If a password is not entered, a 16-character password will be generated for the user. Check the "Email Web Login" box to send the password to the user's email.

    1. Click on the asterisks in the field.
    2. Delete the asterisks.
    3. Type in the Avionté Web Platform user's new password. (see Password Requirements below)
    User Description (auto-populated) A brief description of the user based on the description entered into the Avionté core application. 
    Related User The name of the person updating the profile. 
    Web Role The role that defines the access and responsibilities of the user. Different levels of access are applied to roles. When a user is defined in a role, the levels of access are granted to the user. A specific web role is not currently required to access Avionté Web Platform
    Account Locked When checked, the user is unable to access their Avionté Web Platform account.  
    Reset Password at Next Login When checked, the user will be prompted to reset their password during the next Avionté Web Platform login.

  11. Click the Finish button to save changes on the Web Login User window. The window will close.

  12. Click the Save button on the User Administration window to save the changes. 


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Recover Forgotten Username

This process will allow a user who’s forgotten their username to have the username sent to them via the email address associated with their user account.


  1. From the Sign in page, click the Forgot username? link.


    This will open the Forgot username page. 



  2. In the Email address field, enter the email address associated with the user account.


  3. Select Send email. This will open the Username Retrieved page.


    The system will send an email containing the username associated with that address.


  4. Select Return to sign in to return to the sign in page.


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Avionté Web Platform Passwords

Users are required to enter a password to access the Avionté Web Platform. Avionté Web Platform passwords are created and edited by an Admin in the Avionté core application. Visit the Admin Tools - User Tab - Web Login User article to create or edit web login credentials for a user. 



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Password Requirements

Avionté Web Platform passwords must contain:

    • at least eight characters
    • at least one punctuation mark
    • at least one capital letter
    • at least one number
    • passwords with 16 or more characters may be any combination

Note: Automatically-generated passwords must also meet password requirements.


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Password Messages

Messages shown below are generated based on a user's password status. Accounts may be locked automatically per system settings or by an administrator.




Your account has been locked. Please contact your administrator. [ID002]

The account has been locked by the administrator.

An Avionté user with Admin rights may lock the account of any Employee or Contact in the admin's system. Visit the Admin Tools - User Tab - Web Login User article for account administration details. 

You have exceeded the allowed number of login attempts. Your account is temporarily locked. Try again in 15 minutes. [ID003]

The account has automatically locked following five invalid attempts. Wait at least 15 minutes and retry with the correct credentials.

Your administrator requires you to reset your password. Please do so before attempting to sign in again. [ID004]  

An administrator may require that an account's password be updated when the user attempts to log in. 

Follow the steps in Change or Update a Password to reset the account's password.

Your password has expired. A new password must be created in the core application. Contact your administrator if you need assistance. [ID005]

By default, Avionté Web Platform passwords expire after 60 days. Users will be required to change passwords in the Avionté core Application.

Follow the steps in Change or Update a Password to reset the account's password.



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Reset a Password

This process will allow a user who’s forgotten their password to sign in to the system by creating a new password. There are three steps in the process of regaining access to the system:


1. Request Verification Code

The first step in the process of regaining access is to request an email containing a verification code from the Avionté Web Platform system.


  1. From the Sign in page, click the Forgot password? link.


    This will open the Forgot password page.



  2. In the Username field, enter your username.


  3. Select Send email. The Verification code page will now load, and the system will send a message containing to the email account associated with your username.  The verification code page will be displayed. 
    Note: The user will receive no indication that the username or email address isn’t recognized by the system. 



2. Enter Verification Code

Once the email containing the verification code has been received, there are two methods of entering the code into the system:


Method One: Open Verification Code Hyperlink from Email

Use this method if the email program being used supports hyperlinks in email messages.


The email message sent by the system includes the verification code as a hyperlink in the body of the message.


  1. Open the message containing the verification code.


  2. Select the verification code link in the email. The Reset password page will open in a new browser tab.



Method Two: Manually Enter Verification Code

Use this method if the email program being used does not support hyperlinks in email messages.


  1. Open the message containing the verification code.


  2. Copy the verification code from the body of the message.


  3. Return to the Verification Code page in the web browser.



  4. Paste the code or manually enter the code into the Enter verification code here field.

  5. Select the Submit code button. The Reset password page will load.



3. Create New Password


  1. Enter a new password in the Enter new password field following the guidelines described in the Password tips section of the page.


  2. Re-enter the password in the Re-enter new password to verify field.


  3. Select Reset password. If the new password is valid, the Password changed! page will load.


  4. Select Close. The Sign-in page will load in the current web browser window.


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Email Account Used for Username and Password Recovery

Recovery emails are sent to the email account set in the Avionté Web Platform Account Settings.


Set Recruiter Module Email Account



  1. Sign in to Recruiter Module.

  2. Select the user's name in the upper right.


  3. Select Account settings from the drop-down menu.

  4. Enter the desired email address in the Email field.


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Sign in to Continue

In the event a user is automatically signed out of the Avionté Web Platform (expired session, browser cookies deleted, etc.), a notification will generate.



Click the "sign in again" button to generate a sign in screen. 


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