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Avionté Web Platform - Getting Started - Add Email

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Avionté Web Platform - Getting Started 
This article is part of series that describes the process of getting started in the Avionté Web Platform. This specific article is italicized and bold in the series table of contents below. 



Credential Setup

Logging In

Add Email

Admin Permissions

Theme Setup

Application Workflow Setup

Job Board Setup

Create a Posting



Add Email Overview

An email address is needed to send items from such as talent tasks from an Avionté user's account. 



Add an Email Address

  1. From any page in the Avionté Web Platform, click on the drop-down menu icon next to the username.

    The username menu displays.

  2. Click the Account settings menu selection.

    The Account settings window displays. 

  3. Enter an email address in the Email field.

  4. Click Done.


 An email address has now been associated to the user and messages can now be sent. 



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