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Talent Card Profile - Professional Tab

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The Professional tab under the talent's Profile QuickLink contains information related to the talent's career. Categories in the Professional section include Competencies, Tags, and Assessments. 







Competencies are skills associated with a talent. Competencies can be specific - Microsoft Excel - or more abstract - Accounts Receivable


Other qualifications

Other qualifications are similar to competencies but are less specific. Other qualifications might include achievement awards or scholarships. 


Avionté skill codes (read only)

Skill codes - created in the Avionté Core platform - are codes assigned to specific skills. This area is "read-only" as the data is pulled from Core. 


Additional tags

A tag is a searchable word that can be added to a record to make that record more easily searched.


For instance, if the tag "recruited by Angela" is added to a talent record with the Additional tags functionality, whenever the term "recruited by Angela" is entered into a search field, those talent tagged with the term will generate in search results. 



As a talent takes tests, results are saved in PDF form and stored in the Assessments area. 


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