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Avionté Web Platform - June 14, 2018 Release Notes

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Aero 1.10

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Item #


ESC Integration

The ESC eDocument has been replaced by an ESC Talent Task and is available to clients by contacting a Strategic Account Executive (SAE). When licensed, admin users can use Talent Module Settings > Onboarding tab to turn it on and permissioned users can use ESC to send talent tasks.


ESC will be available to be sent out as an Onboarding Talent Task and completed by Talent from accessing the ESC notification on their Talent Module Home Page.


This is not a replacement of the Core application's feeds.

Application Workflow duplicate checking configuration

Duplicate-checking options are now available as a configuration in Admin > Talent module settings.



To address requests for continued duplication checks on social security numbers in the application process, users now have the option to select the following as duplicate-checking options for new applicants.


  • Last four of SSN and Last Name
  • Last six of SSN
  • Full SSN


Additionally, making an email address required is now available as an option. 

Questionnaire Enhancements

Categories of questions are now available for configuration into a talent record. Add a question or edit an existing question in the Admin > Global Settings area.



Once created, the categories can be used in the Talent Q&A area, Application Workflows, and onboarding.


Talent Search

When searching for talent records in the Recruiter Module, comprehensive results are now generated as expected.

Additional I-9 Mapping Fields

Additional fields are now available for an I-9 created in E-Signature Documents by Adobe Sign.


  • permanent resident alien registration number write
  • alien authorized to work expiration write
  • alien authorized to work registration number write
  • i94 admission number write
  • foreign passport number write
  • foreign passport country write





June 14, 2018 Fixes

 Aero 1.10

Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "BUG" or "JOB" or "PRD" are used for internal tracking. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system.

Item # Description

When a talent with the required personal info data attempts to connect to ESC through the Benefit Enrollment task, an error is no longer generated indicating the personal info on the record is not complete.


An email address modal is now generated as expected when a talent task prompts for the user to enter an email address. 

Previously, if a talent does not have an email address, and they completed a standard profile task (non-email dependent) and elected to continue on to the next task, which is an e-signature task, the missing email address dialogue was missing and the talent could not transition to the e-signature document task.


Re-sending a rejected talent task now functions as expected.


When the recruiter chooses to check the "resend rejected task" checkbox and reject the current task, a new e-signature document task with the same document type and supplier is sent to the talent along with a new task in the talent task QuickView in a 'Sent' status. A rejected task now transitions to a final 'Rejected' state.




Talent in the Core application is now syncing as expected to web platform.


The synchronize method in the GenericSearchDocumentSynchronizer class has been adjusted.


Previously, due to a bug in certain versions of Elastic Search, bulk uploads of some new documents would fail. 






Avionté Web Platform documents are now displaying with their expected document types. 

When talent has already been assigned a task and the "Do not send this task" check box has been checked, the check box is now respected by the application and a duplicate task is no longer sent. 


When refreshing a talent task page, the user now remains on the talent task unless:


Previously, when a talent was in a task in the Talent Module, if the page was refreshed, the application would return to the Talent home page

BUG-1017 A "No Tasks Available" message is no longer temporarily displayed when a list of tasks is loading during the "Assign task" process. 
BUG-127 Clickable entities in the Recruiter Module (e.g. phone button) are now formatted consistently. 

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