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Avionté Web Platform - July 12, 2018 Release Notes

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July 12, 2018 Features

Aero 1.11.10

Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "BUG" or "JOB" or "PRD" are used for internal tracking. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system.




Application notifications 

Recruiters are now able to assign a notification trigger to an application workflow so an email is received when a candidate applies to a position using the designated workflow.



When a talent has completed an application via a direct application workflow URL, an email is sent to Recruiters listed in the Application Workflow Link Settings page. 


The recruiter receives an email that includes the talent's name, the workflow applied to, the date they applied, and a link to the talent's record in the Recruiter Module. 

Document Permissions

The Avionté Web Platform now respects the Suite application's configuration of document permission.

Application Workflow Display

When a talent completes an application workflow, the completed workflow is now displayed in the Talent's record.



This lets a recruiter determine what additional Talent Tasks are needed to finalize onboarding.






July 12, 2018 Fixes

Aero 1.11.10

Identity 1.8

Talent Task Service 1.12

Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "BUG" or "JOB" or "PRD" are used for internal tracking. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system.


Item # Description
BUG-1416 A 502 error message is now generated as expected when a console issue occurs in the Recruiter Module. 
BUG-1414 The correct UserId is now being called when getting a recruiter's E-Verify credentials. 
BUG-1404 An E-Verify case can now be submitted as expected when selecting the Citizenship Status of "Alien" including a Document Type of "11".
BUG-1389 An E-Verify case can now be initiated after document details have been entered into the Recruiter Module. 
BUG-1387 The E-Verify Resubmit case button is no longer disabled when the ExtendedStatus is set to EVerifyCaseStateSsaCaseIncomplete/EVerifyCaseStateDhsCaseIncomplete when reviewing or re-submitting the talent's E-Verify case. 
BUG-1381 An error is no longer generated when a user updates active E-Verify credentials in the Recruiter Module.
BUG-1371 All users can now save credentials in E-Verify as expected.
BUG-1366 The Enrollment Benefit talent task is now assigned as expected. When a talent with the required personal info data attempts to connect to ESC through the Benefit Enrollment task, an error indicating the personal info on the record is not complete is no longer generated.
BUG-1349 A "missing email address" message now displays when a talent task is missing a required email address.
BUG-1347 Users are now able to resend rejected talent tasks. 
BUG-1280 A status of "Complete" is no longer given to incomplete assessments. 
BUG-1167 All Employee documents are now displayed with the correct document type. 

When assigning a task packet, conflicting tasks are designed to return the packet to the user with a notification that there are conflicts. Once the user resolves the conflicts and resends the packet, the conflicting tasks are now removed as expected.

BUG-1086 When refreshing a talent task, the user now remains on the same talent task page. Previously, the user was taken to the Talent Home page. 

When a Recruiter clicks the "Assign task" button, the Request modal now opens with a list of tasks that are available for assignment. Previously, a temporary "no tasks are available" message was generated.


Multiple company addresses are no longer created when adding a new company and editing the address following a validation issue.

Previously, when Recruiter Module users created a new company and were required to make a correction following a validation, a new address was created and saved with each correction. 

BUG-834 When a duplicate talent is created with a 'non-email' contact method, the correct error message is now generated. The error message now notes which contact method was matched as the duplicate rather than using "Email" for all.
BUG-752 When a contact is removed from a company, the role of 'Other' is no longer displayed in the contact's QuickView.
BUG-226 The date picker is no longer hidden behind required fields when viewing the application in tablet mode. 

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