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Avionté Web Platform - August 9, 2018 Release Notes

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Web Platform Features

Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "BUG" or "JOB" or "PRD" are used for internal tracking. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system.




Interview questions enhancements

The Interview questions section of Admin > Global settings > Interview questions tab now provides the ability to prompt an applicant for an additional explanation.


For instance, if an applicant replies "Job Fair" to the Referral Source question, the specific answer "Job Fair" can generate a prompt for additional information - "Please indicate which job fair." 




This option is enabled in the Suite platform through the Config Choice property ExplanationRequiredValueList = True. 



Along with the additional explanation feature, new answer formats are now available on the Interview questions admin page. 



Visit the Admin - Global Settings article for more details. 

Document permissions

The Avionté Web Platform now respects the Suite application's configuration of document permissions. The 'Hide' and 'Disable' config options for documents in the Suite application (e.g. EmployeeDocumentHideList) now affect what documents are displayed in the web platform. For example, if EmployeeDocumentHideList is set to True, Talent documents will not appear in the Suite platform nor the Web platform.




Talent Module resend prescreen questions

In the event a recruiter wishes to reset and resend prescreen questions to a talent, the Reset Answers button in the Recruiter Module's Talent > Profile > Application process area is now available. 


Click the Reset Answers button to generate a new email to the talent. 




The talent will receive an email with a short message and a long link to the newly reset questions. 


Continue job search button configuration

When a talent applies to a position, they have the option to exit the application or continue their job search. A recruiter now has the ability to configure what the Continue button will open. The button can be configured to return a continuing applicant to the job board or a web page of the recruiter's choosing.  




Visit the Admin - Talent Module Settings - General Settings article for more details. 

Quick apply user experience

Talent can now apply to a position from a single page in the Talent Module. When a recruiter uses posts a position with the Quick Apply application workflow, an applicant will be prompted for personal information, a resume, and an information-sharing acknowledgement - all on one page. 


The talent completes one section, clicks the Continue button, and moves onto the next section, finally clicking Submit application to send the information to the job poster. 



Recruiter Module posting filters

Two new search filters are now available in the Recruiter Module's Posting area. Select Include filled orders to include filled orders in the search results; likewise with Include inactive orders. Click Apply filters to activate the filters. 




Job Board Module posting default sort order

Orders in the Job Board Module are now sorted newest to oldest by default. Any filters applied will still respect the 'newest to oldest' sort. 


By default, only orders with a status of "open" or "partially filled" will be shown in the Job Board Module, however, new filters such as Include filled orders and Include inactive orders can be used to display closed or inactive orders. 

Job Board Module posting keywords

When creating or editing a posting, a recruiter can now add keywords to a posting so, when talent searches for a job using a specific word, posts that include that specific word will be included in the talent's search results. Keywords are not associated to skills or other codes; they're only intended to improve search engine results. 



Adobe Sign additional mappings

Additional mappings are now available in the Adobe Sign E-Signature spreadsheet attached to Adobe articles in the Avionté knowledge base. The additional content can be used for more generic interview questions, dates, and extra fields allowing those using Adobe Sign more flexibility with their unique field mappings.




The E-Signature Document Field Mapping spreadsheet is attached to articles related to Adobe Sign Integration and is also attached to this release notes article. 

Adobe Sign Recruiter signs first

Adobe Sign documents can now be completed by a recruiter before sending the document to a talent through a talent task. Documents such as offer letters frequently need editing from a recruiter before being sent out to talent.


In the Recruiter Module, navigate to Admin > Talent module settings > Onboarding, click on a template, then select the Requires Recruiter Action First option to require that the document receives recruiter attention before being sent to a talent. 



Improved search performance

The Web platform's search functionality has been improved to increase speed and accuracy. 





Bug Fixes 

Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "BUG" or "JOB" or "PRD" are used for internal tracking. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system.


Item Description
BUG-587  Creating a talent now adds the individual to the list of available talent as expected. 


When navigating to the Talent page in the Recruiter Module, search filters now load and talent can be searched as expected. The error message "Invalid search syntax entered" is no longer generated. 

Talent is no longer caught in a continuous duplicate-check loop. 


Previously, when a talent submitted an application after a pre-screen reset occurred and they chose to continue to apply to additional postings in the same session, they were being duplicate checked and redirected back to the verification code page, even after a valid code was entered.


A pre-screen reset email's URL no longer misdirects a talent to the job board.


Recruiters can now add documents to orders in the Recruiter Module as expected.



A Recruiter can now remove an incomplete I-9 task. 




Documents are now uploaded to a Talent record as expected.

BUG-1487 When configuring the "Default exit button redirect location" setting in Admin > Talent Module Settings > General settings tab, the changes are now being reflected when a talent completes an application and clicks 'exit'. The user is no longer taken to the job board by default. 



When adding a company in Aero Entered By is saved as avionteweb in customer's user section.
BUG-1187 E-Signature docs and packets are now legible in Safari mobile when attempting to assign a Talent Task. 



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