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September 2018 Compliance Corner - Ban the Box Turns 20!

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Ban the Box Turns 20!

Did you know the first Ban the Box law was passed in Hawaii twenty years ago? Ban the box was named for the check box on employment applications asking if the applicant has criminal convictions. Now, twenty years after Hawaii passed the first law, Ban the Box laws have evolved and are in place for 12 states and 17 localities for private employers. The list below is the 12 states and 17 localities with Ban the Box laws for private employers.





Los Angeles, CA


San Francisco, CA

D. C.

Chicago, IL


Cook County, IL


Baltimore, MD


Montgomery County, MD


Prince George's County, MD

New Jersey

Columbia, MO


Kansas City, MO

Rhode Island

Buffalo, NY


New York City, NY


Rochester, NY


Portland, OR


Philadelphia, PA


Austin, TX


Seattle, WA


Spokane, WA

How can Avionté help?



Speak to your legal counsel to help determine which Ban the Law boxes apply to your company. Within our Recruiter Module, users have the flexibility to decide when to send the request for criminal history to Talent, if at all! Review your application workflow and interview questions to ensure you aren’t prematurely asking about convictions. If you decide to gather it at the appropriate time in the hiring process, Criminal History can be requested as a Talent Task and included in an onboarding packet as shown below.


For helpful information and detailed instructions on setting up Sick Leave in Avionté, please refer to the Sick Leave Overview in our Knowledge Base. Avionté clients enjoy free access to a full self-service legal compliance center powered by myHRcounsel™. Ask your SAE for details. For more information, and before acting on any information contained within this article, Avionté recommends consulting with your legal counsel. This information should not be construed as, and does not constitute, legal advice.


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