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Avionté Web-Based Modules - October 11, 2018 Release Notes

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Web Platform Features

Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "BUG" or "JOB" or "PRD" are used for internal tracking. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system.



New W-4 Forms available as talent tasks for Illinois and Ohio

W-4 forms for the states of Illinois and Ohio are now available as templates in Adobe accounts. Following a ticket request from Avionté, clients are now able to select these two pre-made W-4 forms from their Adobe account. To have these forms sent to your Adobe account,  submit a ticket at



The specific names of the W-4s are:

  • IL W4 (Rev. 08/17)
  • OH W4 (Rev. 05/07)

Branch Filtering

Users are now able to expand searches to more than 20 branches in the Recruiter Module. 



Duplicate Checking Setup

This feature establishes the ability to set up system-wide duplicate checking to be for the entire tenant or per supplier.


This functionality will provide customers the option to set up a system-wide duplicate check to account for redundant employee information entered into the system through resume parsing, manual talent entry, and application workflows. The duplicate check can be set to apply to the entire tenant (all suppliers/staffing agencies) or within each supplier. The setting is applied in the Recruiter Module > Admin > Global Settings > General settings > Talent Duplicate Checking.

NOTE: Unique email addresses are required to support Talent Profile management. Due to this, email addresses are required to be unique across the entire tenant no matter this configuration.



Use Cases

  • An organization may have multiple Federal Employer Identification Numbers (FEINs,) however their process is to NOT treat each as a separate company. Frequently, they are recognized by an umbrella company name, not each individual FEIN. In this scenario, the typical workflow is to have one Talent Record in the entire database (tenant) and allow that talent to be placed on Assignments for Branches within another FEIN (i.e. one Talent Record assigned across FEINs). This workflow would require duplicate checking to be across the entire tenant.

  • An organization with multiple FEINs may treat each FEIN as their own company perhaps with it’s own branding. Each company is known separately and does not relate to the other. In this scenario, if a talent existed within one of the employer’s records, it would not mean that the other employer(s) would have access. This workflow would require a talent to exist within each separate employer (FEIN) and it would require duplicate checking to be within each FEIN versus across the entire tenant.  
Duplicate Handling - Resume Parse

Recruiters may now continue on in their process when duplicates are uncovered during the resume parse action.


When parsing a resume, the duplicate checking process now looks at additional points of data to help determine redundant application data. The data comparison includes combinations of names, contact methods, and addresses.


In addition to an update to duplicate identification, there are additional handling options when duplicates are found. Users now have the ability to ignore duplicates then continue to create a new Talent Record, select a found duplicate, reparse the resume, or cancel the action.

Application Notifications

The application now features notification functionality for talent tasks, completed applications, and profile updates. 


Talent Tasks

Notifications now trigger when tasks have been completed, are overdue, or the recruiter should take an action. Notifications are sent to the user that generated the task or the packet. 


If the Talent has multiple tasks or packets, rather than receiving multiple notifications, the user will receive one notification for the group.


A notification for an overdue task is sent when the task is outstanding for seven days. 

Completed Applications A user associated to a job posting or an application workflow when the posting or workflow has activity. 
Profile Updates A user associated to a Talent Record now receive a notification when a modification is made to the Talent's profile through the Talent Module.





Bug Fixes 

Note: Ticket numbers beginning with "BUG" or "JOB" or "PRD" are used for internal tracking. Ticket numbers beginning with "Z" refer to items managed through the Zendesk ticketing system.

Item  Description
PRD-7705 Clicking the Save button during a direct deposit setup in the Talent Module no longer svaes multiple instances of direct deposit. 
PRD-7704 When parsing a resume, a duplicate match is now handled correctly and the subsequent pages now load as expected. 

Internal only

When entering a hire date in E-Verify, the system now counts the first day as 'Day 0' and continues from there. When entering a hire date on a Saturday or Sunday, the system considers the following Monday as 'Day 0.'


Internal only

UI, service, and database restrictions have been removed for SSNs numbers beginning with "000." 

The application is now able to properly check for duplicates of partial SSNs. 


The E-Verify workflow has been updated with the following: 


Field List Document Fix
A lawful permanent resident A Arrival/Departure Record (Form I-94) Removed fields 
Foreign Passport Number
Issuing Country
Permanent Resident card or Alien Registration Receipt Card Removed field
Issuing Country
An alien authorized to work A Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766) Removed fields
Issuing Country
I-94 Number
Foreign passport with Arrival/Departure Record (Form I-94) Remove field
Visa Number
"Please select the information given" area B & C   Radio buttons and visible fields have been updated to match the following:
Alien Registration Number
Form I-94 Admission Number
Foreign Passport Number

When Alien Registration Number,
Form I-94 Admission Number, or
Foreign Passport Number have been selected, the following fields will now be displayed: 

  • Alien Registration Number -
    Alien/USCIS Number
  • Form I-94 Admission Number -
    I-94 Number
  • Foreign Passport Number -
    Foreign Passport Number field
    Country of issuance



PRD-6919 The Illinois W-4 form is now available as a standard form. 

With the addition of a statewide sick accrual plan for the state of New Jersey, the New Jersey Accrual Migrator a new self-service utility has been added as an AQ to enable the migration of existing city-based accrual plans to the statewide plan. 

  • Avionté now allows users to be able to transfer up to 40 hours of their city-accrued sick time to the new NJ state sick-time accrual
  • The transfer is able to be made on demand (either as a self-service feature or via customer success)
  • The transfer is not forced upon all customers/employees
  • If City Sick Plan exists, create a State Sick Plan
  • If City Plan does not exist, the utility will not create a State Sick Plan (to be addressed in a separate utility if it's determined to be a priority)
PRD-5858 Resume duplicate - user branch selection

A duplication check during a resume parse now prompts the recruiter to enter a first name, last name, or contact method when those values are not found.

PRD-7313 A customer's General Information can now be edited as expected from the Recruiter Module. 

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