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Standard AQ - IL Secure Choice Employee List

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Advanced Query Description

Through the Illinois Secure Choice Savings Program Act, the state of Illinois requires that employers with 25 or more employees offer a retirement savings program to their employees.


Illinois Secure Choice is a retirement savings program for employers who do not already offer a plan. The program is not intended to replace qualified plans that employers already offer. 


This AQ, which mirrors the structure of the official Illinois Secure Choice reporting template, is used to capture employee data that the state of Illinois demands to know so legislation may be enforced.


AQ Highlights

  • Includes employees that have wages in IL during date range entered in parameters.
  • Includes only those employees that are 18 years of age or older. 
  • The address must be a physical residence, not a PO box. If the employee only has a PO Box, an error will display when the report is generated. 







Parameter Name



Branch All, selected branch locations The supplier branches to include employees in the report.
Start Date Calendar date The beginning date of employment defining which employees are included in the report.
End Date Calendar date The end date of employment defining which employees are included in the report.
Pay Cycle All, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly Options used to differentiate employees based on their frequency of pay.
Start Print From Employee count number

The file can only contain a max of 2000 records. Each employee record is numbered in sequence, so, if there are more than 2000 records, the report can be re-run starting with a higher employee number - likely number 2001. 




Report Fields

Field Name


SSN The employee's social security number.
Birthdate The employee's date of birth.
Address The employee's home address.
State The employee's state of residence. 
ZIP Code The postal code of the employee's residence. 
Phone Number The employee's phone number.







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