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Avionté Suite Release Notes - March 14, 2019

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Note: Item numbers are used for internal tracking. 

Item Description

NY W-4 Mapping Updates


The Adobe NY W4 e-Document has been updated to map the State Tax WH exemption amount and the "Local NY City or Yonkers" residency questions separately. The example is that the employer has EEs that claim '4' for State and '5' for city tax. 

Default filters have been added to the Background Check Request screen 


Default button options include:

  • Dates (user selects either date range OR lookback days)
  • Provider
  • Package
  • Order Status
  • Result
  • Created By User


Additional buttons added:

  • Cancel
  • Search
  • Set as Default
  • Delete

Effective 3/29, a new sick plan has been created for the state of Michigan. 

  • Accrual Plan: Sick Leave_MI
  • Description: Sick Leave_MI_03292019_35_X
  • City/County: All
  • State: MI
  • Effective Date: 03/29/2019
  • Hours to accrue 1 hour: 35
  • Day for gap: 0
  • Days before they can use: 90
  • Max hours they can use: 40
  • Pay Period Limit: 0 (unlimited)
  • Yearly Limit: 40
  • Allowed Carryover: 40
  • Date based on: Anniversary Date
  • Max Accrual Balance: 0
  • Initial Balance: 0
  • Unlimited Carryover: 0
  • ProcessingMethod: pay_ProcessPayrollCheckAccrualSickleave_Rate
  • Sick balance cannot go negative.
Updated Reports


Comprehensive Customer AQ Added Last Contact Date
Comprehensive Contact AQ Fixed the issue with Users not populating correctly
Employee Direct Deposit AQ Added SSN
Comprehensive Agency AQ Added 1099 Not Required field
Gross Profit Report Added User Level parameter to display on the top of the report
401K Census AQ Fixed the issue with LTD and YTD amount not calculating properly
IL Secure Choice Employee List AQ Increased the limit to 2000 from 200


Revised eDocuments

Revised Georgia W4 and Kentucky W4 form based on 2019 requirements

New W4 Form

Added an Idaho W4 form





Note: Item numbers are used for internal tracking. 

Item Description
3943 The SickLeave_Rate accrual processing method no longer causes timeouts.
3741 A column error has been fixed in the T4A XML generation process.
3734 The Employee Original Online Application report is now displaying the text for the degree type rather than the education degree config choice ID.
3702 T4 union dues no longer duplicate transactional deductions. 
3681 T4 processing now properly excludes Quebec checks per settings. 
3600 Launching the application with ShowBackgroundCheckActionRequiredNotifications set to 'True' for a user, no longer impacts the application start up time.
3599 Explicit naming for UNIQUE Constraint has been added to the T4A mapping table.
3353 Accounting period close errors are no longer generated when processing zero bill and zero pay transactions. 
3290 Deadlock messages are no longer generated during time entry in Card View. Previously, ROWLOCKs had been shared on TransactionEntryItemDaily for the transaction update procedure.
3196 Agency addresses now appear as expected on the 1099 form even if the 'Primary' = 0.
3016 SSN is now mapping to the Talent record from the Adobe e-signature 2019 Federal W4. 
2886 The Weekly Call counter no longer displays assignments with a start date of today. 
2397 The monthly statement is now sent on the selected date as expected. Previously, the letter was sent as soon as the invoice was processed. 

IsVisible is now respected by VMessageActionType. 


Previously, the disconnection caused unwanted message types to show up in Outlook Connector. 


When web transaction item daily records are created, they now have both a regular transaction type ID that is passed as well as a config system choice ID for the status of the daily row (Wp_CreateEmptyWeeklyTimeClockDaily_OnWebContext). 


Previously, in some cases, a status was not being passed and the INT value associated with the Transaction Type ID (usually 9) was instead being entered into that column. This caused a duplication in web transaction entry items which would then fail expected comparisons of valid statuses.


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